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    How to Get a Fully Black Car in Rocket League (Easy Methods)

    July 7, 2023

    How to Get a Fully Black Car in Rocket League (Easy Methods)

    Rocket League offers players a wide range of customization options, allowing them to create their dream cars. Among the most sought-after designs is the fully black car, especially the iconic Black Octane. While achieving this sleek look may seem challenging, there are several methods and customization techniques available. In this article, we will explore various approaches to acquiring a black car in Rocket League and highlight the easiest method using decals. Additionally, we'll delve into the use of BakkesMod, a popular mod for PC players, to achieve a fully black car.

    Decals for a Black Appearance

    To achieve a black car design in Rocket League, decals play a crucial role. Several eSports decals, such as G2, NRG, Space Station, and the Fancy Formal decal, offer a predominantly black appearance. Moreover, decals like Distortion, Dot Matrix, Stipple Gait, and WWE Summerslam Bundle also provide black or all-black designs. However, using these decals may require adjusting your vehicle's base colour to attain the desired result. Experimentation with different combinations of decals and base colours can help you find the perfect black aesthetic for your car.

    Getting a Black Car with BakkesMod

    For PC players, BakkesMod offers an excellent solution to customize their Rocket League cars, including transforming them into fully black designs. BakkesMod is a highly popular mod that introduces various cosmetic options, including black colour variants for your vehicles. Follow these simple steps to install BakkesMod on your PC:

    1. Visit Bakkesmod.com and download the mod from the main page.

    2. Locate the downloaded folder in your files, right-click on it, and choose "extract files."

    3. Launch the BakkesMod .exe file to install the mod and perform any necessary updates.

    4. Start Rocket League, and upon reaching the main menu, press F2 to access the BakkesMod menu.

    5. In the BakkesMod menu, navigate to "Items" and ensure that "Enable items mod" is checked.

    6. Select the "Primary" and "Secondary" colours and set them to black, or alternatively, use a black car code from the BakkesMod website.

    Enjoy your fully black car in Rocket League and dominate the pitch in style!


    With various methods available, obtaining a fully black car in Rocket League, particularly the Black Octane, is no longer an elusive dream. By utilizing decals with black or all-black designs and making use of the versatile BakkesMod for PC players, you can customize your car to stand out on the pitch. Whether you opt for eSports decals or the convenience of BakkesMod, the choice is yours. Experiment, find your preferred combination of decals and colours, and embrace the sleek, stylish, and powerful presence of a fully black car in Rocket League. Get ready to turn heads and leave your opponents in awe with your all-black ride!