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    Rocket League Aerial Training Map Code: Mastering Aerials and Backboard Shots with this Training Pack

    August 14, 2023

    Rocket League Aerial Training Map Code: Mastering Aerials and Backboard Shots with this Training Pack

    Are you tired of missing those crucial aerial shots in Rocket League? Do you struggle with backboard shots and want to improve your overall mid-air shot accuracy? Look no further! OP.Market has got your back with this Rocket League Aerial Training Map Code designed to take your aerial skills to new heights. In this article, we'll dive into the Aerial Variety Pack, sharing tips, and providing the download code to help you soar through the ranks from Platinum to Champion. Get ready to elevate your gameplay and achieve aerial dominance!

    OP.Market - Your Path to Aerial Excellence

    OP.Market is committed to making you a better Rocket League player, and they have found an exceptional Training Pack to prove it. This pack has been crafted as a tailor-made pack to develop your aerial abilities, wall passes, backboard shots, long passes, pop-up aerials, and redirects. The Aerial Variety Pack (Code: 7918-5D21-4A11-1C19) is specifically designed for players between the Platinum and Champion ranks.

    Aim High: Training for Platinum to Champion Players

    This training pack is designed with the specific aim of catering to players between the Platinum and Champion ranks. The pack presents a diverse set of aerial scenarios, encouraging players to refine their fast-aerials, air-rolling techniques, and mid-air shot accuracy. The training's challenging shots, including backboards, will help you build muscle memory while ensuring you don't rely solely on specific shot setups.

    Mastering the Basics: Focus on Accuracy

    If you're new to aerials, don't fret! The initial focus with this Aerial Training Map should be on making precise hits on the ball and directing it towards the net. Perfecting your fast-aerial timing is vital, and this training pack provides the perfect platform to practice these fundamental skills. Remember, accuracy is the foundation of becoming an aerial maestro.

    Leveling Up: Adding Air-Rolls for Precision

    Once you're comfortable with the basics, it's time to level up your game. Introduce air-rolls into your aerial shots to gain better shooting angles. As you progress through the training pack, you'll find yourself effortlessly maneuvering in the air, creating opportunities to score spectacular goals.

    The Ultimate Challenge: Mastering Backboard Shots

    For those who have already honed their aerial prowess and air-rolling skills, it's time to embrace the ultimate challenge—backboard shots. This advanced technique requires precise timing and positioning to capitalize on high-passes and pop-up aerials. With consistent practice, you'll be a menace for defenders and score awe-inspiring backboard goals.

    How to Access to the Rocket League Aerial Training Map Code

    Getting your hands on this game-changing training pack is as easy as executing a dribbling flick.

    Follow these simple steps:

    • Launch Rocket League and navigate to the Training section.
    • Select "Custom Training."
    • Click on "Enter Code."
    • Enter the code: 7918-5D21-4A11-1C19.
    • Strap in and get ready to elevate your aerial game!

    Final Thoughts

    Mastering aerials and backboard shots can be a game-changer in Rocket League, propelling you to new heights on the leaderboards. Thanks to OP.Market and this Training Pack, players between Platinum and Champion ranks have a golden opportunity to enhance their aerial skills, air-rolling techniques, and overall mid-air shot accuracy. Whether you're just starting with aerials or aiming to perfect those backboard shots, the Aerial Variety Pack is a must-try.

    Remember, practice makes perfect, and this training pack is your secret weapon to achieve aerial greatness. So buckle up, enter the code, and embark on your journey to aerial excellence. Fly high, score big, and become an unstoppable force in the Rocket League arena!

    Unlock your aerial potential with the Aerial Variety Pack. Download the Rocket League aerial training map code (7918-5D21-4A11-1C19) now and take your aerials and backboard shots to new heights!