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    Alpha Boost (Gold Rush) - Everything You Need To Know!

    November 22, 2022

    Alpha Boost (Gold Rush) - Everything You Need To Know!

    Alpha Boost is arguably the most desired item to ever exist in Rocket League.

    It’s desired for not only its in-game appearance but also its exclusivity.

    So how much does an Alpha Boost cost?

    Where do you find one for sale?

    Want to find out the answer to these questions? Well, read on because this is everything you need to know about Alpha Boost.

    What Is Alpha Boost?

    (Alpha Reward) Gold Rush New Item Alert in Rocket League

    The real name for Alpha Boost is actually Gold Rush. The reason it's known as “Alpha Boost” is that this boost was rewarded to users who partook in playing the alpha version of Rocket League released on February 27th, 2014.

    Along with Goldrush users were also rewarded with Goldstone wheels and Gold Cap for partaking in testing the Alpha version of Rocket League.

    A common mistake is thinking Gold Nugget was given out along with the other 3 alpha items.

    This is false.

    The real name for Gold Nugget is Beta Nugget. This Antenna was rewarded to users who played the beta version of rocket league which was released in October 2014. Unlike the Alpha testing the Beta version of Rocket League could be tested on PlayStation along with PC.

    Why Is Alpha Boost So Popular?

    There has always been an obsession with the colour Gold.

    Usually, as humans, we associate the colour Gold with Wealth and riches. And when it comes to Rocket League this is no different. So naturally, when a golden item has a limited supply it’s going to be highly desired.

    Gold Rush boost in game

    The main reason for Goldrush’s demand is due to Pro Rocket League players. A lot of professional Rocket League players actually played the alpha version of Rocket League meaning they would have actually been rewarded with this boost for free.

    However, as new players emerge in the professional scene and start earning money they all need one thing to fit in. And that is the Alpha Boost.

    It has been 8 years since the last alpha boost was given out. And as time goes on it’s only going to become rarer.

    How To Get The Alpha Boost

    Since we are no longer in the alpha version of Rocket League you’ve probably figured out that you can no longer get given Gold Rush.

    Gold Rush in trade menu

    However, you can still obtain this boost through a player-to-player trade.

    But of course, this comes at a price….

    How Much Is Alpha Boost?

    Now usually since Alpha Boost is such an expensive item most trades are done through cash.

    At the time of writing this, the price to get your hands on this boost will set you back around $4500! A lot of money indeed for just a game item. But that is the price many pros are willing to pay.

    Now just because most trades are done via cash it doesn’t mean you can not get Goldrush by trading items and credits for it. Prices for the boost will vary depending on your platform since credits hold different values based on supply and demand. So here is how many credits you will need to get an Alpha Boost on each platform.

    Xbox = 2.25 Million Credits

    Switch = 1.61 Million Credits

    PlayStation = 1.25 Million Credits

    PC = 1.32 Million Credits

    As you can see Xbox credits are worth the least compared to PlayStation where they are the most expensive.

    If you are interested in the other alpha items here is what you’d need to pay to obtain them.

    Goldstone = $3200

    Gold Cap = $370

    Gold Nugget = $60

    How Many Alpha Boosts exist?

    Unfortunately, we can't put an exact number on this figure some believe there may be around 500 in existence. But many boosts are kept off the market in pro's inventories. Perhaps there are a few boosts in people's inventories who's stopped playing!

    At the moment there are around 15 Alpha Boosts for sale in the trading market which is more than usual. So this leads straight to the next question.

    Where To Buy Alpha Boost?

    Now as you can tell this is not an item you can just buy from anywhere. Only the richest traders and pros can afford this item.

    There are only two places you can buy your alpha items from.

    1. Trade central - Now this is a Rocket League trading Discord server where there is a section dedicated to alpha trades. In this section, you will find some of the richest traders in Rocket League!

    2. OP.Market - Now having a Gold Rush in stock isn’t always guaranteed but usually, we will have at least one alpha item in stock. The good thing about this site is deliveries are instant and you don’t have to worry about being scammed!


    As you may have gathered this rare item is something that not many can afford. However, in this Blog, we’ve gone through the origins of Alpha Boost and in the rare event, you can afford Alpha Boost we’ve shown you the best place to buy it. If you have this Blog helpful be sure to check out the rest of our Rocket League site.