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    Apparently Jack Camera Settings: The Best RL Settings for Pro Players

    June 23, 2023

    Apparently Jack Camera Settings: The Best RL Settings for Pro Players

    Jack Benton, widely recognized by his Rocket League name ApparentlyJack, has solidified his status as a prominent figure in the Rocket League pro scene, earning acclaim for his extraordinary abilities and gameplay prowess. Aspiring players and enthusiasts often look to pro players for guidance on optimizing their settings for an edge in competitive play.

    In this article, we will delve into Apparently Jack's camera and control settings, providing valuable insights into the choices made by this esteemed player. By following his lead, players can potentially enhance their performance in Rocket League championships.

    Apparently Jack Camera Settings

    In this section, we will provide an overview of Apparently Jack's camera settings, ensuring players have a comprehensive understanding of how they can improve their gameplay.

    Camera Shake:

    One of the first adjustments Apparently Jack made is disabling camera shake. This eliminates unnecessary distractions and allows him to focus on tracking the ball and opponents accurately.

    Field of View (FOV):

    Apparently Jack sets his FOV to 110, providing a wider perspective of the field. This enhanced field of view enables better decision-making, allowing players to anticipate the ball's movement and adjust their positioning accordingly.

    Height and Angle:

    Maintaining a camera height of 100, Apparently Jack ensures a clear view of the field and other players. Additionally, he prefers a slightly negative camera angle of -5.0, granting a top-down perspective that aids in predicting the ball's trajectory and executing precise shots.

    Camera Distance and Stiffness:

    With a camera distance of 270 and stiffness set at 0.4, Apparently Jack strikes a balance between maintaining a broad view of the playing field and ensuring responsive control during turns. These settings enable him to make quick decisions and maintain accurate shots.

    Camera Swivel Speed and Transition Speed:

    Apparently Jack's swivel speed and transition speed are set to 1.80, facilitating rapid turns and seamless adjustments. These settings are crucial for players who want to keep up with the fast-paced nature of competitive Rocket League matches.

    Ball Camera:

    Apparently Jack utilizes the "Toggle" option for ball camera mode. Toggling between ball cam and normal cam can provide players with a better understanding of their surroundings, enhancing their awareness and decision-making on the field.

    Apparently Jack Control Settings

    To complement his camera settings, Apparently Jack has fine-tuned his control scheme for optimal performance. Here are the control settings he uses for his PlayStation controller:

    Powerslide: L1

    Jump: X

    Throttle: R2

    Air Roll (Left/Right): L1 (▢ / O)

    Ball Cam: △

    Boost: R1

    Brake: L2

    These settings have been carefully chosen by Apparently Jack to maximize control and fluidity during gameplay. Players looking to emulate his success should consider experimenting with these control settings and adapting them to their own playstyle for the best results.

    The Benefits of Apparently Jack's Camera Settings

    Apparently Jack's camera settings offer numerous advantages for aspiring Rocket League players. By analyzing his choices, players can understand how specific settings contribute to improved gameplay.

    The combination of camera distance, angle, and height allows for a clear view of the field, aiding in making accurate shots and quick decisions. The absence of camera shake minimizes distractions, ensuring players maintain focus on the game. Furthermore, the chosen field of view provides a broader perspective, facilitating better positioning and anticipation.

    By incorporating Apparently Jack's camera settings into their own gameplay, players can enhance their Rocket League skills and potentially achieve greater success in competitive matches.


    Apparently Jack's camera and control settings offer invaluable insights into the configurations employed by professional Rocket League players. By adopting his recommended settings, players can optimize their gameplay, making accurate shots, maintaining better field awareness, and improving decision-making skills. Remember, these settings are not set in stone and can be adjusted according to personal preference and playstyle. By understanding the rationale behind Apparently Jack's choices, players can embark on a journey toward mastering Rocket League and potentially reaching professional levels.