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    Best Black Wheels In Rocket League For All Budgets!

    March 27, 2023

    Best Black Wheels In Rocket League For All Budgets!

    When playing Rocket League there are two types of players: those who want flashy bright car designs and those who want minimalistic clean car setups. Black wheels are regarded as the cleanest wheels you can get so in this article we will be looking at the best black wheels for all price ranges.

    Black Dieci

    Arguably, the best wheels in the game black Dieci has been a fan favourite for a long time. You use to be able to get dropped Uncommon black Dieci after games and you also use to be able to obtain Exotic versions through non-crate import trade-ups. Unfortunately, you can no longer obtain Dieci’s from drops or trade-ups meaning the only way to get one is through player-to-player trading. The current going rate for Black Dieci is 50,000 Credits which is a price that not many can afford.

    Black Tunica

    The Tunica has recently had a rise in popularity after popular professional Rocket League players started using pink and cobalt Tunica as part of their car setups. This saw a huge spike in demand and it had a knock-on effect for black Tunicas with many players realising that these wheels are just as nice as Dieci but at half the price, with them trading around 18,000 credits. Still, a lot of money to spend but when an item looks as nice as black Tunica and has a limited supply then these high prices should come with no surprise.

    Black Stern

    You may be glad to know that these wheels come at a very affordable price, unlike a lot of the Uncommon and Exotic black wheels which can no longer be obtained, Sterns can be gotten still in a Very Rare rarity. So if you only want the item for the looks then a very rare Stern can be purchased for around 800 Credits. However, if your wanting black Sterns in Uncommon or Exotic rarity the price will rise to around 1,300 Credits.

    Black Neptune

    Just like Dieci and Tunica black Neptune is available in two different rarities, Uncommon and Exotic. They can also no longer be obtained making them quite hard to find, in the past year as people discovered their rarity and clean looks they have had a small price rise. They can be purchased for around 3,000 Credits. This isn’t a bad price when you consider that there is a good possibility that they could continue to rise in value following the footsteps of Tunica and Dieci.

    Black Creeper

    The Creeper is one of the darkest wheels in the game however, the tentacles mean it would be used more for a flashy car design, rather than a clean preset. The Creeper wheel comes from the Vindicator Crate released on 3rd October 2019. At the moment Black Creeper is trading at the price of 350 Credits which is very affordable for the majority of Rocket League players.

    Black Gripstrides: Inverted

    Gripstrides were released in the 2nd ever Rocket Pass on the 10th of December 2018 and to this day they are the best wheels to ever come from the Pass. These wheels are pure black, however, the tread is more on the grey side with an animated grey glow that circles around the tread. The great thing about these wheels is they will never be released again and the longer it gets the rarer they become, so you don’t need to worry about them suddenly dropping in value. At the time of writing you can buy them for 1,300-1,600 Credits depending on which platform you’re trading on.

    Black Yamane

    This is perhaps one of the best black wheels for users on a budget. Released on October 8th 2018 in the Elevation Crate where we saw items such as Mainframe also released. Yamane comes as a Very Rare meaning it was much easier to get out of a Crate compared to other wheels. This means that there is plenty to buy and it’s fairly cheap costing only 400 Credits.


    If you got the game before free-to-play then you will actually have these wheels already. However, if you’re a free-to-play player then you will have to purchase a tradable version of these wheels. Despite these wheels being unpainted, the default version is already black with it being shaped like a football/soccer ball. It comes in the rarity of Very Rare meaning it can be obtained from Rare trade-ups. This wheel is regarded as the cleanest wheel in the game due to its minimalistic looks. It is also the best wheel if you’re on a budget with it only costing 100-150 Credits.

    Black Chakrams

    These are the oldest wheels in the game with them first being released in the first-ever Rocket League crate, the CC1 Crate. These aren’t the darkest wheels however they do have a clean matte finish with a sharp-edged design. The treads are also a bit thicker than usual giving it a more meaty look. These wheels can be purchased between 150-300 Credits at the time of writing.