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    Dear Psyonix...

    February 28, 2023

    Dear Psyonix...

    Dear Psyonix…

    Despite reaching out to you through various channels regarding the targeted bans on our accounts, we have not received any response even after waiting for over two weeks. We hope that this message, now prominently displayed on the main page of our website, will come to your attention.

    We tried reaching out to you concerning the recent trade restrictions on OPMarket (OPM). With the overall acceptance of our service and its growing popularity, it became evident that OPM was loved by the Rocket League community. Within two months of launch, millions of site visits and hundreds of thousands of sign ups. Additionally, we surpassed 4 million views across our social media pages and countless sponsors set up to support Rocket League creators. With some of these sponsors being excited to promote a service that they use personally and being related to the very game they play; Rocket League. We are aware that many influencers have left the Rocket League community, we are optimistic that our considerate sponsorship payment(s) will incentivize them to remain active in the community and continue to support both OPM and the game itself. Our hope is that by providing adequate financial support, we can foster a long-term partnership with these influencers and further establish Rocket League as a thriving and inclusive gaming community.

    The underlying factor of the initial messages was related to the balance of user accounts on OPM. With such a large number of users, we accumulated an equally substantial user balance on our website. Our intention was to have sufficient credits in reserve to cover our users balance, which is why we set aside such a large amount of credits and items on alternate accounts; however, these accounts were also banned.

    Unfortunately, our service outage has caused a loss of trust among our users, as many had amassed thousands of credits on our website. Despite multiple messages sent to you, we received no response and were left in the dark. This has unfortunately had a significant impact on the users who had placed the most trust in us. Therefore, we have now restored our service and removed the store/add balance button so that users can continue to enjoy our service and use their rightfully earned balances.

    While we are not anticipating any reply now given your history, we very much hope you can have an open conversation with us and the community about this. We acknowledge that in past incidents, such as the trade-locked alpha boost situation, you have shown a willingness to lift bans on accounts, even if the players in question were involved in activities that breached your terms of service, such as cash trading. Furthermore, we have proposed that you may closely monitor our accounts and we are fully prepared to cooperate by granting access to our inventory statistics and website balance. Though we still have yet to get any sort of reply from you.

    We hoped that our situation would’ve been treated with the same level of fairness as we have gone out of our way to ban and restrict scammers from using our service while delivering the best and most fair service to our users. Out of consideration for users who had been actively trading on our website and had a balance, we have re-enabled our services.

    Before you ban us again with no explanation, we ask you to consider the following to make an informed decision.

    Why we benefit trading:

    The backbone of your community is trade based. Excluding the Official Rocket League owned communities the 5 biggest Rocket League communities (RL.Insider, Rocket League Garage, Rocket League Plus, Trade Central, and Rocket League Exchange Reddit) are all based around trading. RL.Insider and Rocket League Garage being the two largest Rocket League websites used for trading. Rocket League Plus which merged with RLTracker.pro which is home to the largest Reputation list to prevent scamming. Trade Central, as the name says, provides a platform for players to trade their items among other games. Rocket League Exchange which also provides a platform for users to trade.

    While you may view OP.Market as something that could hurt your revenue, we believe that it has encouraged lots of users who have never made a purchase on Rocket League to buy a pack to enable trading. OP.Market has received over a thousand messages asking how to enable trading on our customer support chat.

    OP.Market helps popularize trading to more users, while not removing the point of trading as traders can offer better prices than OP.Market and a greater quantity of items. Additionally, trading with OP.Market serves as a safer alternative to normal trading as new traders are especially vulnerable to the various scamming methods that are being used in Rocket League.

    As our service grew this sparked additional interest in trading, this led to an increase in traffic on other trade related websites. We won’t publicly disclose the name of the website from which this data is sourced, but we’d be happy to share the stats and sources privately if you’re interested. The growth of our service has had a ripple effect on trading as a whole. As more people became interested in trading, they naturally turned to other trade-related websites.

    OPM is a platform that we felt would strengthen the trading scene by allowing users to instantly exchange their current items for new ones that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time to trade up to, this is where our service came into play. Our website proved to be immensely popular, and we received a steady stream of messages from users requesting to have their accounts trade-enabled, which necessitated purchasing a minimum of $5 in credits or esports packs which have to be purchased from you meaning these were users that have never traded before.

    While we acknowledge that traders themselves may offer better deals, we believe that our service still provides value to users in terms of convenience and speed. We have come to the realization that OPM primarily served as a platform for new traders just starting and larger trades that encountered difficulties in selling or locating specific items, and was not intended to replace websites such as Rocket League Garage and other similar services. Our service not only made trading more appealing in Rocket League, but it also generated interest in Rocket League trading, leading to increased traffic on other trading websites within the Rocket League community.

    In conclusion:

    Our team has been involved in the Rocket League scene for years, and we have seen firsthand how the community has evolved and grown over time. We have invested significant time and resources into creating and managing various Rocket League communities that are not driven by profit, but rather by our love for the game and its community. We believe that a thriving and inclusive community is essential for the growth and success of Rocket League and we had hoped to contribute to this through the sponsorships we had arranged. We are committed to supporting the game and its community in any way we can and hope to contribute to its long-term growth and success.

    We urge Psyonix to get in touch with us so that we can collaborate on the next steps in enhancing the Rocket League community. Our goal is to work together with Psyonix to create a sustainable and thriving community that benefits players, creators, and the game itself. We had, and continue to have, great plans to support Rocket League creators, players and teams, while creating new content for those who love watching Rocket League.