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    Draco Wheels Rocket League: Unleash the Power of this Dragon like Wheels

    June 30, 2023

    Draco Wheels Rocket League: Unleash the Power of this Dragon like Wheels

    Rocket League, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. In this thrilling vehicular sports game, where style meets skill, customization options play a crucial role in expressing your unique personality on the pitch. One such customization item that has become iconic in the Rocket League community is the Draco Wheels. Let's dive into the legacy and features of these legendary wheels that have been a favourite amongst players since their release on May 10, 2017.

    The Origins of Draco Wheels

    The Draco Wheels burst onto the Rocket League scene in the Nitro Crate, captivating players with their dragon fire-breathing design and formidable presence. These wheels quickly gained popularity, earning a spot in the prestigious Player's Choice Crate as well. Their distinct aesthetic and exceptional performance made them highly sought after by competitive players and avid collectors alike.

    Unlocking the Power

    With the retirement of Crates, obtaining Draco Wheels has transitioned to a new system. Now, players have the opportunity to acquire them through Blueprints, adding a sense of exclusivity to these desired wheels. Additionally, the vibrant trading community in Rocket League allows players to connect and exchange items, including the Draco Wheels, to complete their dream car setups.

    If you're someone who likes to get straight to the point, the website op.market gives you the chance to instantly acquire the coveted Draco Wheels in Rocket League. All you have to do is sign in using your Epic Games account, click on the "Trade" button, and search for Draco Wheels in the search field. Should it be available, simply add the credits to your account, choose your desired Draco Wheels painted version, and complete the trade with a click.

    The Item Shop and Draco Wheels

    For those seeking a more direct approach to acquiring the Draco Wheels, Psyonix occasionally offers them through the in-game Item Shop. Keep a close eye on the daily rotations, as these wheels might make a rare appearance, allowing you to grab them using in-game Credits. Owning a pair of Draco Wheels not only enhances your style but also showcases your dedication to the Rocket League universe.

    Draco Wheels in Rocket League Sideswipe

    Rocket League Sideswipe, the exhilarating mobile adaptation of the game, brings the thrill of intense vehicular soccer to your fingertips. The Draco Wheels have seamlessly transitioned into this new world, allowing players to equip their vehicles with the same legendary flair and dominance. Whether you're scoring goals on your console or conquering opponents on your mobile device, the Draco Wheels will undoubtedly make you stand out on the pitch.

    Unleashing the Power

    What sets the Draco Wheels apart from the rest? These remarkable wheels combine eye-catching aesthetics with impressive performance. As you blaze across the arena, leaving your opponents in awe, the Draco Wheels' mesmerizing motion and vibrant color variations ensure you'll turn heads wherever you go.

    Mastering Style with Draco Wheels

    Rocket League is not just about skill and strategy; it's also an arena for personal expression. The Draco Wheels provide players with a canvas to showcase their unique style and personality. With their bold design and customizable colors, you can create a car that represents you on and off the field. Make a statement, embrace your individuality, and become a legend with the Draco Wheels as your ultimate accessory.


    The Draco Wheels have cemented their status as legendary items in the Rocket League universe. From their initial introduction in the Nitro Crate to their prominence in the Player's Choice Crate, these wheels have captivated players with their stunning design and unparalleled performance. With the evolving methods of acquisition and their availability in Rocket League Sideswipe, the Draco Wheels continue to be sought after by dedicated enthusiasts. Unleash your power, dominate the pitch, and leave your opponents in awe as you soar across the arena with the timeless Draco Wheels. Get ready to make a statement and become a true Rocket League legend.