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    How To Get Player Anthems In Rocket League?

    April 10, 2023

    How To Get Player Anthems In Rocket League?

    Want to win in style? What better way to do it than by celebrating your victory with your favourite song blasting out!

    In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know and show you 4 different ways to obtain player anthems in Rocket League.

    What Are Player Anthems?

    Player Anthems was a feature released in season 2 of Rocket League. To put it simply, a player anthem is a piece of music which plays and can be heard by the other players when you:

    • Score a goal
    • Make an epic save
    • Get MVP

    How To Get Player Anthems

    Player anthems are untradable meaning you can’t get one through player-to-player trading. At the moment there are only 4 ways to get player anthems.

    • Rocket Pass
    • Item Shop
    • Tournament Rewards
    • Event Challenges

    Rocket Pass: Player anthems can come in both the free and premium tiers of the Rocket Pass. Unfortunately, only painted items from the Rocket Pass come tradable meaning you will have to tier up in order to get a player anthem you want from the pass.

    Item Shop: During events player anthems often come to the item shop either paid or free, on April 3rd we saw the rickroll anthem in the shop for 300 Credits, but often they do free player anthems such as on Black history month.

    Tournament Rewards: You can also get player anthems through tournaments however, a tournament reward is a random drop so you’re not guaranteed to get a player anthem.

    Event Challenges: During special Rocket League events there is usually an added set of challenges to complete. Occasionally, these challenges will reward players with an anthem, for example, the Llama Rama event saw the llama bell anthem as part of the challenge rewards.

    How To Select A Player Anthem?

    From time to time you may want to change the player anthem you’re using, luckily this is super simple.

    • On the main menu navigate to ‘Profile’
    • Then select ‘Choose player anthem’
    • Pick the anthem you want to use in-game.