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    How To Get The Slurpee Decal In Rocket League?

    April 10, 2023

    How To Get The Slurpee Decal In Rocket League?

    The Slurpee decal is one of the most sought-after decals in all of Rocket League, with its glitter effect and its animated changing colours. Many people love the look of this exclusive item however, many need help knowing how to get one. In this blog, we will go through everything you need to know about the Slurpee decal and how you can own one!

    What Is The Slurpee Decal?

    The Slurpee Decal was part of a brand deal Rocket League did with the retail store 7/11 in total there were 6 items you could get, Slurpee Boost, Slurpee Decal, Fred Decal, Big Bite (Antenna), Big Bite (Topper), and, Brainfreeze Wheels.

    Each of these items was released on a specific date and if you bought an item from 7/11 and scanned it, you got a special code through your email which you could then use to unlock the item. The Slurpee Decal was available from 3/23/2022 - 4/12/2022.

    How To Get The Slurpee Decal?

    Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to get the Slurpee decal from 7/11 as the last code was released on 4/12/2022. However, it is still possible to purchase the code from resellers who have held the code for over a year!

    The Slurpee Decal is now reselling for around $260 which is a lot of money for an item which could be bought from a $10 7/11 cup a year ago.

    Where To Buy A Slurpee Decal?

    There are only two places you can purchase the Slurpee Decal from resellers and it's on the following Discord servers.

    • Trade Central
    • Rocket Planet

    In the top right of Discord there’s a search feature, simply search up ‘Slurpee Decal’ and it will show all the recent listings for this item.

    When buying a code be sure to use a trusted seller by checking the reputation beforehand or use an official middleman from these servers to ensure you won’t get scammed.