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    How To Get Uncommon Items In Rocket League

    April 1, 2023

    How To Get Uncommon Items In Rocket League

    When people think of uncommon’s people may think they’re all low value but that’s not entirely true as some uncommons can cost up to 50,000 Credits! So let’s find out the easiest way to get uncommon items in Rocket League.

    What Are Uncommon’s?

    Uncommon is a type of rarity in Rocket League and it’s classed as the lowest item tier since they’re handed out for free. They can come as wheels, toppers, boosts, decals, antennas, and banners.

    an image showing 5 uncommon in rocket league ready to be traded up.

    How To Get Uncommon Items?

    Since free to play, the only way to get uncommon items is through completing your weekly and season challenges and ranking up in the free Rocket pass tier to unlock uncommon drops. Before 2020 you use to randomly get dropped uncommons after games along with Crates.

    Something to note is you can no longer get painted uncommon’s so items such as painted toppers are now retired along with painted uncommon wheels such as black Dieci.

    What Can You Get Out Of Uncommon Drops?

    A Rocket League uncommon drop can be obtained from challenges and when opening it you can get an uncommon item

    Since 2020 they have added uncommon/rare/very rare/import drops. These drops are trade-locked but the items you get will be tradable and since they will be Non-Crate they can also be traded up.

    In these drops, you can get every item that’s ever been released in a Crate before 2020 as it gives free-to-play players the chance to get items they wouldn't have been able to get. But because the pool of items is so large the chances of getting anything good or painted are extremely low.

    This leaves us with a question since uncommon items were never in Crates it means that the uncommon drop pool will be different from the other drops. As far as we are aware no painted uncommons can be obtained from this drop.

    Most Expensive Uncommon Items

    Just because uncommon items were given out for free doesn’t mean they can’t be expensive especially if they got retired and gradually became rarer. Let’s see some of the most expensive uncommon items in Rocket League.

    an image of uncommon black dieci

    Black Dieci: This incredibly clean wheel used to be dropped after games and back then it was worth 3 Keys (300 Credits). It later got retired from the uncommon rarity and added to exotic trade-ups where these wheels could come certified. It is now worth 50,000 Credits, not bad for a free item.

    Black Tunica: Same story as Dieci got dropped after games and then retired and turned into an exotic version. It is now worth 23,000 Credits at the time of writing.

    Cobalt/Pink Tunica: Even though these wheels once again are the same story as black Tunica the reason these colours stand out is because a pro started using them as part of his car setup. This caused a ton of hype around these colours and now they are worth 10,000 Credits.

    Pink Macaroon: This antenna has a large price tag of 10,000 Credits. The reason it’s so expensive is because pink looks the same as default. Rocket League soon realised they had made a mistake and quickly retired this item which caused a huge increase in value.

    Titanium White Halo: This topper is worth around 1,000 Credits which is worth a lot more than the average uncommon item. The reason it has this price tag is for the simple fact it looks nice and players love it.