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    Infinium Rocket League Wheels: Drive with Style

    August 14, 2023

    Infinium Rocket League Wheels: Drive with Style

    Rocket League, the exhilarating combination of soccer and rocket-powered cars, continues to captivate gamers worldwide. One of the game's most coveted items is the Infinium wheels. Since their release on February 7, 2018, these wheels have become a symbol of style and distinction on the virtual field. In this article, we'll delve into the world of Infinium wheels, their availability, and the highly sought-after painted variations, including the titanium white Infinium and black Infinium. Get ready to enhance your Rocket League gameplay with these iconic wheels.

    Discovering the Infinium Wheels

    The Infinium wheels, with their sleek and futuristic design, have become a must-have for Rocket League enthusiasts. Initially introduced in the Victory Crate, these wheels have retained their popularity long after the retirement of crates. Now obtainable through Blueprints and various event drops such as Golden Egg '19, Golden Gift '22, Golden Gift Basket '22, Golden Lantern '19, and Golden Moon '23, Infinium wheels are within reach of passionate players. Additionally, these wheels can be acquired through player-to-player trades or sporadically through the in-game Item Shop, where they have made four appearances, each priced at 700 Credits.

    Unleash Your Style with Titanium White Infinium

    While the standard Infinium wheels are undeniably stylish, Rocket League players constantly seek ways to stand out on the pitch. This desire for individuality has led to the immense popularity of painted variations of the Infinium wheels. Among these, the Titanium White Infinium and Black Infinium hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. The titanium white Infinium exudes a pristine elegance that perfectly complements any car design, while the black Infinium adds an edgy and mysterious touch. These painted variations add a unique flair to your Rocket League vehicle, making you a force to be reckoned with on the field.

    Infinium Wheels: A Gamer's Dream

    Rocket League players are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest items to elevate their gameplay experience. The Infinium wheels, with their exceptional aesthetics and widespread appeal, have become a symbol of status and skill. Sporting these wheels not only enhances your vehicle's appearance but also showcases your dedication and love for the game. The availability of Infinium wheels through various means, such as Blueprints, event drops, trades, and the in-game Item Shop, ensures that passionate players can get their hands on these coveted wheels.

    Unveiling the In-Demand Infinium Black

    Among the painted variations, one particular version of the Infinium wheels has captured the attention of Rocket League enthusiasts worldwide: the Infinium Black. Its sleek, glossy finish and dark allure have made it a sought-after commodity in the Rocket League trading community. Whether you're looking to create a menacing aesthetic or simply stand out from the crowd, the Infinium Black delivers an unmatched sense of style and sophistication. With its rarity and desirability, the Infinium Black has become a prized possession for collectors and players seeking the perfect complement to their Rocket League arsenal.


    Infinium wheels have established themselves as an iconic accessory in the Rocket League universe. With their futuristic design and availability through various channels, including Blueprints, event drops, and trades, acquiring these wheels has never been more attainable. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of the titanium white Infinium or the captivating allure of the black Infinium, your Rocket League vehicle will radiate style and distinction. Get ready to dominate the pitch and leave your opponents in awe with the power of Infinium wheels. Unleash your true potential and conquer Rocket League with these exceptional wheels.