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    What is Invert Swivel in Rocket League?

    August 15, 2023

    What is Invert Swivel in Rocket League?

    Today, we'll delve into a fascinating camera setting in the game that's been raising questions and shaping strategies - the 'Invert Swivel'. Throughout this post, we'll explore what 'Invert Swivel Rocket League' actually means, what it does, and if you should turn it on or off based on what pro players do.

    Understanding Invert Swivel

    In Rocket League, camera settings play a vital role in shaping your gameplay experience. One such setting is the 'Invert Swivel'. This option, found under the 'Camera' tab in the settings menu, changes the way your camera swivels or pans around when you manually move it.
    Enabling 'Invert Swivel' will invert the vertical direction of your camera swivel. In simpler terms, if you usually push your right stick up to move the camera upwards, with 'Invert Swivel' enabled, pushing the right stick up will now move the camera downwards and vice versa. It essentially flips the vertical control of your camera angle.

    Should You Enable Invert Swivel?

    Deciding whether to turn 'Invert Swivel' on or off is entirely based on personal preference. It's all about what feels more intuitive and comfortable for you as a player.
    Observing the habits of pro players, the use of 'Invert Swivel' varies. Some pros prefer to have it enabled, citing a more natural feel akin to controlling a flight simulator or flying in-game. Others keep it off, sticking to the standard control layout for consistency.
    Before settling on a choice, it's recommended to test out both settings in training mode. By doing so, you can feel out which setting you're more comfortable with during gameplay.

    How to Enable or Disable Invert Swivel

    Changing the 'Invert Swivel' setting in Rocket League is a straightforward process:

    • From the main menu, go to 'Options'.
    • Navigate to the 'Camera' tab.
    • Scroll down until you find 'Invert Swivel'. Here, you can toggle the setting on or off.
    • Remember to hit 'Apply' or 'Save' after making any changes.

    In conclusion, 'Invert Swivel Rocket League' is a setting that offers a different method of controlling your camera, potentially impacting your overall gameplay. It's best to experiment with this setting on and off to find out which style suits your playing technique. As with many aspects of Rocket League, personal comfort and familiarity often trump all. Don't hesitate to explore, adapt, and embrace the control scheme that maximizes your gaming potential!