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    What A Save Rocket League Meaning

    March 28, 2023

    What A Save Rocket League Meaning

    Rocket League quick chats have been an essential part of the game since its release, in June 2016 we saw a bunch of new quick chat expressions added, along with after-match quick chat such as saying ‘gg’.

    But one quick chat that is used significantly more than anything else is ‘what a save’ but why? What is the reason?

    Why Do People Spam ‘What A Save?’

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    Rocket League is known for its toxicity and spamming ‘what a save’ is one of the most popular methods for being toxic. It’s often used when the opposing team scores a goal or perhaps you make a mistake which costs your team a goal. Saying ‘what a save’ is said sarcastically because perhaps you should have made the save but didn’t.

    The whole purpose of this is to try and tilt you. If you get angry when some spams ‘What a save’ then you’re helping them achieve their goal of frustrating you. If you are angry and frustrated you’re more likely to make rash decisions out of rage and not think clearly. And once your opponents get into your head you might as well forfeit.

    How To Be Toxic In Rocket League?

    So you want to tilt your opponents and annoy them? No problem we’ve got you covered here’s a list of quick chats that you want to use in certain situations.

    What A Save - Use this when you score a goal against your opponent, especially when they make a mistake that cost them the goal.

    Nice Shot - Use this when your opponent scores an own goal or when they miss a shot they should have scored.

    Great Pass - Use this when your opponent passes you the ball.

    Whoops - Use this when you fake out your opponent, Demo your opponent or when they make a mistake.

    Nice One - You can use this anytime your opponent makes a mistake.