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    What Is The Rarest Car In Rocket League?

    November 23, 2022

    What Is The Rarest Car In Rocket League?

    When we think of rare cars in Rocket League what do you think of?

    White Octane? White Dominus? White Fennec?

    These are all expensive and well-known car bodies but they are nowhere near the rarest car in Rocket League. The chances are you wouldn't even know this car even existed since only 1 exists in all of Rocket League!

    This Rocket League car is so exclusive that you won’t even find this information anywhere else on google. So let's find out what it is.

    Rarest Car In Rocket League

    The rarest car in Rocket League is the Saffron Dominus GT, only 1 tradeable version exists in the whole game, read the rest of the article to find out how it came about and who currently owns it.

    Saffron Dominus GT - New item alert in Rocket League

    How Can You Get A Saffron Dominus GT?

    Well, this question is a mystery and it’s almost impossible to find out whether you can still get a painted GT in Rocket League. This poses the difficult question of whether the Saffron GT is a glitched item or if it was meant to be all along.

    A few years ago Rocket League released a Tw Octane ZSR car in the item shop this made people wonder if it was possible to get painted ZSR cars out of CC4 Blueprint trade-ups. Up until now, no one has gotten a tradeable painted ZSR.

    But the question is has anyone tried doing the trade-ups? The CC4 crate was retired in June 2017 over 5 years ago. So the real question is, would anyone have had the patience to hold these crates for all this time?

    The answer is probably not.

    Saffron Dominus GT Previewed in game

    The Odds Of Getting A Saffron Dominus GT in a trade-up

    This is what makes the Saffron Dominus GT so impressive. The Dominus GT was in the first-ever crate released in Rocket League. So essentially someone would have had to hold these CC1 crates for over 5 years.

    If that wasn’t impressive enough they then had to be lucky enough to pull an import which is a 12% chance. There were 3 imports in the CC1 crate Takumi RX-T/Trinity/Dominus GT so that means it would be a 3.96% of pulling an unpainted Dominus GT. Rocket league revealed that there is a 25% chance of your item being painted meaning there is a 0.99% chance of getting a painted Dominus GT. Then there are 14 colours in Rocket League meaning there is a 0.13% chance of getting a Saffron Dominus GT out of a trade-up.

    So to summarize, you have to have CC1 Blueprints which have been retired for 5 years. You’d need 5 CC1 Very rare Blueprints in order to trade up to an import. And on one trade-up you have a 0.99% of getting a painted Dominus GT.

    Since these CC1 Blueprints are pretty much non-existent it makes it really hard to tell whether this Saffron Dominus GT was a glitch or just incredibly Lucky.

    But wait.

    What if I told you these odds got even more insane?

    What if I told you the Saffron Dominus GT is in fact a glitched item that was never meant to be in the game….

    Let me explain.

    Rocket league basically messed up and for just 1 Hour accidentally made it possible to trade up painted versions of these “Non painted Cars”. Within 1 hour they fixed this mistake.

    So not only did you have to have some of the rarest Blueprints in the game. A 1% chance of getting a painted Dominus GT. But you also had to do this trade-up in a 1-hour time frame when no one knew it was possible to get this painted!!!

    This item surely is 1 in a million and it will be the only painted Dominus GT to exist ever in Rocket League.

    Who Currently Owns The Saffron Dominus GT?

    There have been 3 owners on Xbox as far as I'm aware. The first owner was a guy on Reddit called "HighOfTheTiger" he went on to sell this exclusive car to "Overallburrito".

    The current resting place of this car is in a rich collector's inventory called "V8Sharkz" like I said he is a collector so trying to trade for it won't be easy. However, after speaking to him he would maybe consider offers between $1500-$2000. Making it the most expensive car in Rocket League!