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    What Is The White Hat? And How Can You Get It In Rocket League?

    November 23, 2022

    What Is The White Hat? And How Can You Get It In Rocket League?

    If you’re a Rocket League player, the chances are you’ve probably heard of the White Hat.

    Now you probably know 3 things about it such as, it’s a Topper, it’s rare and VERY expensive!

    But have you ever wondered how players got it?

    How much exactly is it?

    And where can you get one today?

    Here is everything you need to know about the elusive White Hat!

    How Can You Get A White Hat

    New Item White Hat Rocket League Popup

    Have you ever heard of a black hat? Well, a black hat is a type of hacker who hacks and exploits for personal gain. On the other hand, a white hat is someone who finds an exploit but instead of abusing it, they report it so it can be patched. This is called ethical hacking.

    Likewise, Rocket League has a similar system where when a player finds an exploit and they report it they can get rewarded with a White Hat.

    Now only 30 White Hats exist so finding a bug or small glitch is not going to result in you receiving a White Hat. As you can tell by the scarcity this thing is only given out to those who find severe bugs that are potentially game-breaking.

    The First Ever White Hat

    White Hat on plain Octane Car in Rocket League

    There was never actually a “first” White Hat since two separate players were rewarded with it at the same time in June 2016.

    So you are probably wondering what exploit did these guys find?

    Well one of them found a way to log into ANY Rocket League account. When this was discovered trading was not yet created however, if it did exist he could essentially log into any steam account and scam everyone's items, resulting in thousands of dollars lost.

    Instead of letting someone else figure this out, he thought it would be best to report it and get it patched as soon as possible!

    The other White Hat was actually rewarded to a player who found a way to play competitive and put himself into any rank despite being a significantly higher rank. So essentially he could be diamond and decide to play against a team of bronzes. Now that would not have been fun for the opposing team.

    The Last Ever White Hat

    The last ever White Hat was rewarded to a player called “NULL” now he didn’t just get rewarded with one White Hat but with 13!!! That meant Null had found 13 severe game-breaking bugs pretty impressive right?

    Unfortunately, when Epic Games took over they discontinued the White Hat as they partnered up with Hacker one where instead of a hat you will be given a cash reward. Some users have been rewarded with $10,000 for finding an exploit which is around double the price of a White Hat. Not a bad deal at all.

    Perks Of Owning A White Hat

    Not only is owning a White Hat a huge flex it also allows you a ticket into an exclusive Discord server.

    This server is where all the White Hat owners can join together to talk about various things. Now if you got rewarded a White Hat you were allowed to stay in the server however if you traded for it, then as soon as you sold it you’d be kicked.

    How Much Is A White Hat?

    With an item as rare as a White Hat, prices can really vary from owner to owner. Since only around 30 exist and you can no longer obtain a White Hat there isn’t really a price all we can say is it’s very expensive.

    When trying to put a value on this topper it doesn’t really help that not many White Hats are bought and sold because even though it's cool it has really poor demand, unlike an alpha boost where every pro wants it.

    Based on previous sales the White Hat has traded from $4,000-$8,000 in recent times probably around the $5k mark. The reason for such a large price gap is sometimes people are just desperate for money so are willing to sell it for dirt cheap which affects the price a lot.

    Where Can You Buy A White Hat?

    Since you can no longer obtain the White Hat through finding exploits, the only way to actually get your hands on one of these is through a player-to-player trade.

    But with an item so rare where can you actually find a place to buy one?

    Well, there is one server where all the rich traders reside, called Trade Central. Upon joining this server you will see a section called alpha trading. Despite a White Hat not being an alpha item usually, you will see it posted in there due to it having a similar price to alpha items.


    So now hopefully you’ve learned a few new facts about the Rocket League White Hat that you didn’t know before. And if you ever decide to splash the cash on one of these be sure to get yourself invited to the White Hat discord server!