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    Where To Buy Cheap Rocket League Credits?

    November 23, 2022

    Where To Buy Cheap Rocket League Credits?

    Are you fed up with waiting 3 days for your rocket league credits to come off trade lock?

    Are you fed up with the high prices the rocket league store charges?

    What if I told you, you could buy credits at half the price, no 3-day trade lock, and instant delivery!

    You’d be crazy not to buy off this site in the future. But surely this sounds too good to be true, right?


    Introducing OP.Market the No.1 place to instantly buy cheap RL credits!

    How To Buy Credits With OP.Market

    Once again OP makes purchasing cheap credits the easiest process ever.

    Unlike other sites OP displays its credit supply stock, meaning you will never experience long wait times unlike other sites when they run out of stock.

    OP also instantly delivers credits at whatever time suits you. Meaning you could purchase at work and request an invite when you're home to instantly receive your credits!

    1. Simply select how many credits you’d like.

    2. Select your favorite payment method

    3. Request a game invite

    4. Receive your credits

    It really is that easy.

    We have instant delivery and the cheapest prices.

    No one can offer a better service than that!

    What To Spend Your Credits On?

    Rocket League Credits open up endless opportunities here are just some of the things you can do with them after buying credits.

    Build Blueprints: In order to use blueprints you need credits to build them into items that can be equipped for your car. Blueprints have different crafting costs based on rarity and paint.

    Item Shop:
    With credits, you can purchase your favourite items from the daily item shop, it also allows you to buy exclusive car packages that occasionally come out. So it's important to always have credits at hand. Luckily you don’t have to worry about having enough credits anymore when OP.Market can instantly supply you with cheap credits.

    Rocket Pass: The rocket pass costs 1000 credits to purchase however as you battle through the tiers you get rewarded many credits back plus a ton of painted items, making it a very worthy purchase.

    Trading: When you have unlimited rl credits there is no limit to the cars, wheels, and decals you can buy. In order to obtain items you will have to trade with other players. The majority of players will want to receive credits for their item so once again having credits will prove handy.


    As you can tell credits are a vital part of RL trading so it’s important to always have a cheap source of credits that can be bought instantly.

    So choose OP.Market!