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    Where To Find Trades in Rocket League?

    November 23, 2022

    Where To Find Trades in Rocket League?

    So you're new to Rocket League trading?

    Perhaps you have a lot of Credits but you're not sure where to find your dream items for your car!

    Well in this guide I'm going to be showing you the best places to trade in Rocket League for all platforms!

    Rocket League Garage

    Rocket League Garage Trading Home Page

    This is perhaps one of the most well-known free rocket league trading platforms, it covers Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

    It has a clean interface that allows you to simply search for your dream items, for your specific platform. It also has every item in its database such as Exotic Wheels, Blueprints, Decals, and many more, if there is an item you're struggling to find 9 times out of 10 Rocket League Garage will be able to account for your needs.

    Once you've located the item you want to trade in Rocket League it's time to show them your offer, you can either do this through their in-app messaging service or you can invite them to trade in Rocket League and show your offer in-game. However, when inviting users to trade without them knowing your offer you are not guaranteed to secure the deal.

    In order to prevent this, you need to know the prices of the items you are willing to sell and the prices of the items you want in exchange, this way you're more likely to land a trade if it's fair for both parties.

    Or alternatively, to save time you can just message your offer and wait for a yes or no response. This way you don't have to waste your time by giving them an invite to your party.

    One good thing about RL Garage is its anti-scam system, since Rocket League trading has a lot of scammers Rocket League garage tries its best to make sure to not give scammers the privilege to use its platform by enforcing IP bans.

    On Garage, you can also link your account, so users can search another player's inventory to track down items they never knew existed.


    OP.Market Trading Page

    This is perhaps the easiest rocket league trading site to use, they allow users to instantly sell their Rocket League items at fair rates for credits or items. Let's say you have an Exotic Wheel you then have the option to trade that for some rare wheels as long as they've got similar prices.

    At the moment this Rocket League exchange platform is only available for Steam and Epic Games, however, a version for Xbox could be in the making.

    The way OPMarket works is you sync your inventory so you can see all your items and their prices on the left side of the site. On the right side, you can see the site inventory where you can swap your items for their items, but the trade has to be of equal value.

    This site cuts out the use of having to trade with another player where a person can easily scam you or give you a bad offer. You also cut out the process of having to contact other traders since you have all the price details right in front of you.

    You also have the option to add Credits to your balance on the site, this means you can safely purchase Credits at a cheap rate through one simple transaction. There are multiple ways to pay, meaning you can choose whichever method suits your needs best.

    Once you have established the items you want to trade for you, will then receive an in-game party invite. Our trader will send an invite to trade, where you just simply accept the trade.

    Trade Central

    Trade Central Discord

    Now, this is a rocket league trading discord server with over 90,000 members!

    On this server players are allowed to do money trades; however, you do have to look out for scams and chargebacks when doing monetary trades, this can be avoided by using one of their trusted middlemen.

    This server's most active section is mainly for Steam and Epic Games however it does have sections dedicated to Xbox and Switch.

    Using the search tab on Discord you're able to track items that are for sale or have been sold, this way your easily able to track down items, and is especially useful for locating rare items. It also frequently hosts giveaways where you can win free Rocket League items.

    As well as this it is by far the best place to find rare items such as Alpha Boost, White Hat, and Goldstone wheels, where it has a section dedicated to these items.

    If you want to join trade central just click this link and it will show an invite to this server on your screen.

    RL Trade Post

    RL Trade Post App

    Now, this is a free app on your phone where you can find your favourite items and exchange them with other players.

    You can also input your Rocket League inventory so users can scroll through the items you own, this is especially useful when trying to find rare items that can be tucked away in players' inventories.

    Rocket League trading can be hard, but it is made easy with Rl trade post with its in-game messaging service you will always be notified when someone is interested in your trade.

    It also displays a scammer warning on users who have been caught attempting to scam, so be careful who you invite to trade as they may try to scam you.

    For users on Xbox and PlayStation Rl trade post is especially active however on PC it is not as active.

    RL Exchange Reddit

    RLExchange / Rocket League Exchange Reddit

    Rl exchange is a free Reddit community where traders can contact each other ask for price checks and find friends.

    Reddit is a platform where the more experienced traders trade, you would expect to find a lot of rare, certified items that don't have any prices due to the lack of that item on the market.

    This is also a great place to find exclusive items such as a Blueprint that comes from a seasonal crate with a rare certification.

    When finding an item's price is hard to come by, we'd recommend going to Reddit and creating a [Pricecheck], that way random traders can leave comments about their personal experience when they've traded with the items you're trying to offload.

    This Rocket League trading subreddit also has a cash trading thread where users can exchange credits or keys for money.

    RL - Trades

    RL-Trades Website Home Page

    This is a site for the web, as of now it is not available as a phone app. When first loading to the site you will see a menu on your screen which shows every single offer/trade happening across every trading platform for Rocket League.

    This means that you don't have to individually check every trading platform as you have all the trading market right in front of you.

    It also has a filter option on the page where you can select what items you are looking for and it will scan every platform in hopes you will find the person with the item you're looking for.


    So in this article, we have gone over multiple places to trade where you can find item prices based on market conditions and exchange your items with other users.

    Overall, for Steam and Epic Games users, we'd recommend Rl Garage, RL Trades Finder, and Trade Central for your Rocket League trading.

    For users on console, we'd recommend Trade Central for money trading, RL Trade Post, and Rocket League Garage.

    Hopefully showing these platforms has allowed you to find prices and showed you where to find users so that you can send them an invite to trade.