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    Fennec vs Octane - Which Car Is Better?

    May 29, 2023

    Fennec vs Octane - Which Car Is Better?

    The Birth of the Octane and Fennec

    Let's first dive into the history of these iconic vehicles to see where it all began.

    The Octane's Esteemed Past

    The default octane which all players get given when they join Rocket League

    Arguably the most recognizable vehicle in Rocket League, the Octane was part of the game from the very beginning. It debuted when Rocket League was launched on July 7, 2015, and was available to all players from the start. It wasn’t until August 3rd, 2017 that we saw painted octanes added to the game where they could be obtained through non-crate very rare trade-ups. With its unique and balanced design, it has withstood the test of time, remaining a popular choice among both newcomers and veterans.

    Fennec: A New Challenger Appears

    The Totally awesome crate which saw the Fennec for the first time

    A few years later, in July 2019, the Fennec made its grand entrance as part of the Totally Awesome Crate. Due to its distinct design, the Fennec quickly gained a substantial fan base. Nowadays, it is available via Blueprints with it being released in the Select Favourite Series or it can occasionally be found in the Item Shop. Unlike the Octane, the Fennec has to be bought, with it trading at around 400 Credits.

    Hitbox Mechanics: Understanding the Octane's Favorable Design

    When it comes to gameplay, the most important aspect to consider is a car's hitbox. Both the Octane and the Fennec share the same hitbox - the 'Octane' hitbox, the most popular among players.

    This hitbox type is preferred due to its well-rounded design, offering an optimal blend of height, width, and length. It provides a clear advantage in aerial control, dribbling, and 50/50 challenges, making it the go-to choice for many.

    Why the Octane's Shape Works Well with Its Hitbox

    The Octane's shape closely aligns with its hitbox, giving players a more intuitive sense of the car's dimensions and making accurate hits easier. Its tall frame, combined with its hitbox, allows for effective ball control and powerful flicks.

    The Fennec's Unique Approach to the Octane Hitbox

    While sharing the same hitbox, the Fennec's physical design is different from the Octane. Its flatter and wider appearance could be misleading compared to its hitbox. However, players who have adapted to it commend its design for better alignment with the ground, which can help in certain dribbling situations.

    Pro Players' Choices: Octane vs Fennec

    When determining the best car, it's often enlightening to consider what the pros are using. Displayed Below is a graph showcasing some well-known pros and which car they use:

    A chart of Rocket League pro players and which car they use

    Remember these are just a few pro players, the Octane is still more popular however, over the last few months we've seen a huge increase in pros switching to the Fennec. This is likely due to the fact that the Fennec has a more compact design, which some players find easier to control.

    Octane or Fennec - Who Wins?

    When it comes to deciding between the Octane and the Fennec, it largely depends on personal preference. Each car boasts the favoured Octane hitbox but offers a unique feel due to its physical design differences.

    The Octane is a time-tested favourite, renowned for its versatility and dominance in the pro scene. On the other hand, the Fennec, with its modern design and emerging popularity, provides an alternative that some players find more suited to their style.

    As Rocket League continues to evolve, the choice between the Octane and the Fennec will likely remain.