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    Is OPMarket Legit?

    December 31, 2022

    Is OPMarket Legit?

    Chances are you’ve heard of OPMarket through Tiktok, Youtube, or friends.

    Despite many videos going viral about OP Market, since it’s a new site there’s still little information about it online. This leaves us with the question

    Is OPMarket a scam?

    Can OPMarket be trusted?

    And finally, Is it safe to log in to OPMarket with your account details?

    The simple answer is, yes op.market can be trusted and it is not a scam.

    But why can I say this with such confidence? Let’s take a look.

    Is It Safe To Login To OPMarket?

    With so many phishing and malicious websites around it makes sense why people are automatically cautious about logging into OPMarket with their account details.

    It makes people wonder if OPMarket can hack into your Rocket League account? Or what if OPMarket got hacked does that mean all the user's account information would get leaked?

    Once again you don’t have to worry about any of these questions.

    This is because OPMarket doesn’t store or access any of your Epic Games account info. OPMarket uses the official Epic Games authorization login. Meaning that OP Market doesn’t get any of your account details. All they access is your epic games name so they can invite you to trade on Rocket League.

    Doing it this way is also good for another very good reason. Account security. When you sign in to your Epic Games account on OPMarket it automatically creates an account for you on OPMarket meaning your on-site credit balance is safe.

    Is OP Market A Scam?

    No, OPMarket is a registered business and you can check all their business details for yourself in their Terms Of Service. It also uses the official Epic Games login meaning it doesn’t store or get access to any of your sensitive details.

    If you have any concerns about OPM you can go to their live chat where they can answer any questions you may have.

    How Does OPMarket Work?

    OPMarket allows users to instantly buy and sell their favorite Rocket League items. As it’s a business it obviously needs to make a profit in order to cover operating and development costs.

    So they will purchase almost any Rocket League item for around 80-95% of its value and resell it for 100-105% of its value. So it still gives really good prices while allowing users to instantly get their Rocket League items at fair prices as well.

    On the site, you will see two sections. “Your offer” section and “You receive” Section. You may be confused as the “Your offer” section shows tons of items that you don’t own. Don't worry it’s meant to be like this. Because OPMarket doesn’t know the items you own they input every item in the game on the “your offer” section so you can manually select the items you own.

    Once you have found the items you want to trade, go to the “you receive” section and select either credits or items that you’d like. Then click trade where you will instantly get an invite to the game in order to complete the trade.


    With OPMarket being visited millions of times it is safe to say that it is not a scam and can be trusted as your no.1 place to buy and sell Rocket League items.