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    How To Instantly Sell Rocket League Items

    November 22, 2022

    How To Instantly Sell Rocket League Items

    Trading can be great fun. Finding deals and then flipping the items for a profit is always a good feeling.

    However, trading takes time and effort. What if I told you there’s a way to instantly buy and sell items in Rocket League?

    I'm sure you can agree that could save you a lot of time!

    OP.Market - Instantly Trade Items

    OP.Market is the only Rocket League site that allows everyone to buy and sell items instantly.

    The process of doing this is even simpler! Simply sign into your Rocket League account. Next, you will notice every item in Rocket League is displayed in the 'you offer' section, simply, search for the items you own.

    You can do one of two things, you can either sell your items for credits or you can trade your items for some of the site's inventory as long as they are the same value.

    Once you decide what you want to exchange simply request a trade and you will then instantly receive a party invite.

    It really is as easy as that and the whole process is instant what more could you ask for?

    How To Quickly Sell Rocket League Items

    OP.Market is the only place where you can receive instant service however, in this section we are going to tell you how to sell items as quickly as possible.

    When trading for an item that you want to sell quickly we’d recommend going to RL Garage and searching for who's buying that particular item. By doing this you get a sense of how much demand there is for the item plus you can line up a buyer to sell to straight away.

    What Items Sell Fast?

    When it comes to Rocket League items, some items are easier to sell than others, and that's simply down to the fact of supply and demand. Some items can cost thousands of credits however it will take ages to sell.

    From our experience, cheaper items are often easier to sell than more expensive cosmetics. The reason for this is simple. The cheaper the item the more people that can afford the item. Not everyone is going to able to buy black Dieci for 80,000 Credits whereas A LOT of people can buy a Fennec for 400.

    Some items that take a long time to sell are certified items especially when you're trying to get extra value due to the cert. There are 15 different certifications in Rocket League however, only 3 certifications add value which is Striker, Tactician, and Scorer. The best certs from best to worse rank in this order.

    - Striker

    - Tactician

    - Scorer

    Something to note is no one wants Scorer so it won't add much value if any. However, for Striker, it usually adds around x2 the value, and Tactician usually adds 1.5x.

    Now the issue is the only people wanting these items who are willing to pay are collectors. Unfortunately, not many collectors exist anymore making these items extremely difficult to sell.

    My advice to you is if you want to sell an item quickly stay away from certifications at all costs!

    If you want to sell an item fast then you want to buy items that are high in demand. One of my favourite methods to work out what is in demand is going to Rl insider. And when you select your platform you can see a section called “Trending last 24 hours”. This essentially shows all the items that have been a hot topic in the last day.

    If you check this section every single day you will soon notice that some items are constantly there. This is just one way to find out what items are easy to sell.

    Alternatively, you can use a similar method but on Rocket League Garage. If you go to the main page and scroll down you will see a section called popular items, once again this will show what items are being frequently traded on RL Garage.

    And the final method for finding what items sell quickly is just simply learning the market. The best way to do this is to just scroll through trading platforms and see what a lot of people are buying. If you're a new trader you can even just simply copy the trades the big traders are doing and learn from them.

    Here are some of the best-selling items:

    - Any Fennec

    - Any Octane

    - Any Zomba

    - Any Non painted Black Market

    A top tip is that burnt sienna and orange are viewed as the worst colours so they will be slightly harder to sell.


    Overall, in this blog, we’ve looked at a site that allows you to instantly buy and sell items, we’ve also shown you how to find what items sell easily. If this was helpful be sure to check out some of our other blogs!