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    Rocket League: The Cross-Platform Game You Need to Play

    February 1, 2023

    Rocket League: The Cross-Platform Game You Need to Play

    Rocket League, the high-speed and action-packed vehicular soccer video game has been a fan-favourite since its release in 2015. With its unique blend of soccer and fast-paced racing, Rocket League has been entertaining players all over the world. One of the most requested features among Rocket League players is cross-platform compatibility. In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of cross-platform play in Rocket League, including

    • How to play with friends on different platforms,
    • How to trade items cross-platform,
    • How cross-platform play affects your progression in the game.

    Playing with friends on different platforms is a great way to expand your Rocket League community and take on new challenges. Whether you're on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, Rocket League offers cross-platform play, allowing you to compete against players from all platforms. In this article, we'll show you how to connect with friends across different platforms, so you can start playing together and dominating the competition.

    Another exciting aspect of Rocket League is trading items with other players. The game has a thriving trading community, with players constantly looking for new items to add to their collection. With cross-platform trading, you can trade items with players on different platforms, expanding your pool of potential trade partners and increasing your chances of getting your hands on that rare item you've been seeking. We'll explain the process of cross-platform trading in Rocket League and help you navigate the complex world of item trading.

    Finally, we'll take a look at how cross-platform play affects your progression in Rocket League. From unlocking new levels and rewards to improving your overall ranking, cross-platform play allows you to progress and grow your skills in the game no matter where you play. We'll explain how cross-platform progression works in Rocket League and what you can expect as you progress through the game.

    Cross-Platform Play

    Rocket League is a pioneer in cross-platform play, allowing players on different gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC to play together in the same game. Players can toggle cross-platform play on and off in the game's interface and enable or disable cross-platform play as they see fit. Adding friends on different platforms is easy with the use of an Epic ID. Another advantage of cross-platform play is that it keeps the game fresh and exciting, even after many years of playing. With a constant influx of new players from different platforms, the Rocket League community remains vibrant and active, and players are always able to find new opponents and allies.

    To talk with other players in Rocket League, you need to enable voice chat.

    • To do this, you first need to click on the "Settings" button in the main menu.
    • Then, select "Chat" and "Voice Chat."
    • In the voice chat settings, you will have the option to allow voice chat with "Everyone" or "Friends Only." If you choose "Friends Only," you will only be able to hear and speak with players who are on your friend list. If you choose "Everyone," you will be able to communicate with all players in the game, regardless of whether they are on your friends list or not.
    • To speak in Rocket League, simply press and hold down the designated voice chat button, and your voice will be transmitted to other players in the game. This feature is available on all platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, and makes it easy to communicate and coordinate with your team during a match.

    Cross-Platform Trading

    Rocket League players have been eagerly awaiting cross-platform trading since the game's release, but unfortunately, it is not possible to trade most items or in-game currency across different platforms. The only exception to this is non-crate items, such as limited items which are occasionally available throughout the year via special events. This means that players can trade these limited items with each other, no matter what platform they are on. This also includes Alpha items such as Alpha Boost, Goldstone’s and Beta Nugget.

    The lack of cross-platform trading has been a disappointment for many Rocket League players, as it limits the player's ability to trade with each other and build their collections. This means that players can trade items within their own platform, which still allows for a thriving in-game economy and a great player-driven market. Players can trade their items for other items, in-game currency, or real money, making the trading aspect of Rocket League a big part of the game's appeal.

    Cross-Platform Progression

    Rocket League offers cross-platform progression, allowing players to take their game progress, including their rank, XP, and items, with them wherever they go, no matter what platform they are playing on. With the Rocket League Activate feature, players can even link all of their progress together, making it easier to keep track of their game progress across multiple platforms.

    • To activate cross-platform play in Rocket League, the first step is to sign in with your main platform, which will typically be the platform where you have the most progress and inventory.
    • When you sign in, all the platforms linked to your Epic ID will be displayed. To add a new platform to your Epic ID, simply click on the platform you want to add and follow the steps to link it to your account.
    • At the bottom of the screen, you will see an option to "Change Primary Platform," which allows you to select the account you want to keep your progress on. It is important to choose the correct primary platform, as this will determine where your progress and inventory will be stored and will be the account that is used when playing on other platforms. So, make sure to select the platform that you play on the most or where you have the most valuable items.

    How to create a party on cross-platform

    To create a cross-platform party in Rocket League, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Go to the game's main menu and select the "Party" option.

    2. Click on "Add Friend" and enter the Epic ID of the player you want to invite.

    3. Send the invitation and wait for the player to accept it.

    4. The player will receive a notification in the game and can accept the invitation from there.

    5. Once the invitation is accepted, both players will be added to the same party and will be able to play together.

    To conclude, Rocket League stands out as a must-play game for those who love high-speed, action-packed soccer games. With its seamless cross-platform play and progression features, it offers a truly immersive gaming experience for players of all levels. From its stunning graphics and physics engine to its exciting gameplay and intense multiplayer matches, Rocket League is a game that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, it's time to lace up your virtual boots and join the action-packed world of Rocket League.