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    How To Find Rocket League Item Prices - RL Insider Alternative

    November 22, 2022

    How To Find Rocket League Item Prices - RL Insider Alternative

    When starting your trading career in Rocket League it’s important to find accurate prices.

    Through the years we’ve had a few different price sheets and they’ve been pretty helpful, but they’ve not always been accurate for every item.

    In this guide, we will be showing you alternative ways to find your own Rocket League prices that are even more accurate than RL.insider!

    The First Ever Rocket League Price Sheet

    Believe it or not, us traders never used to have rl.insider as this price guide was released in 2017 which meant we had a whole year of trading without accurate prices. So how did we find prices?

    Google Spreadsheets….

    Spreadsheet In Google Sheets with Prices

    Back in the day looking at a google spreadsheet was the only way to work out prices, however, there was one problem. The spreadsheets were all made by humans and were easy to replicate.

    Since prices had to be changed manually a lot of the item prices got neglected and there are rumours that price sheet owners would purposely increase the item prices of stuff they had. Which is not a fair price system. Thankfully rl.insider came along.

    Is RL Insider Good For Rocket League Prices?

    For the most part, RL insider is a great resource for finding Rocket League prices for popular items such as White Octane, White Fennec, and many more items. However, there are some items that rl insider isn’t very accurate for.

    RL insider has an automated system that tracks every trading platform to see what people are offering and what people are selling certain items for. Because it’s done automatically it means item prices don't have to be changed manually meaning prices are constantly being updated.

    You also don’t have to worry about the rl insider owners manipulating prices for their own gain they are 100% trusted. They also have staff who do manual checks to see if high-item offers are real or fake.

    Cons Of RL Insider

    Although rl.insider is great, it's not very accurate for items that are harder to sell. Basically rl.insider determines prices based on how many people buy an item for “X” price and how many people sell for “X” price. It basically finds a compromise price between the two factors.

    RL.Insider Price Screenshot

    So let's use a Lime Ronin GXT as an example, the current price on Rl insider is 100-150 credits. If we take a further look on insider we see people selling the Lime Ronin anywhere from 20 credits to 200 credits. However, there are no people buying the Ronin. That means rl.insider can only base its prices on the people selling even though there is no demand for the item. In reality, the Ronin should be valued at 30 credits, not 100.

    So we can trust RL Insider on prices for items that sell frequently but how do we find prices for items that don’t sell as easily?

    How To Work Out Accurate Rocket League Prices For Yourself!

    The best way to learn prices is from experience and learning the Rocket League market. If you learn the market it’s actually possible to work out whether prices will rise or drop before RL Insider updates.

    Just like trading in real life rocket league trading is based on supply and demand. If 100 people are trying to sell Titanium White Fennec for 2000 credits and only 10 people are willing to pay that you have 90 sellers left. I can guarantee some of those sellers will be willing to decrease the price to get a quick sale. This will then cause the other traders to decrease their prices as they start to panic.

    One of my biggest tips in trading is if an item rises too quickly it will also drop in price just as quickly.

    RL Insider Titanium White Fennec Price Screenshot

    Let’s imagine White Fennec rises from 2k to 5k the people who buy at 2k will make a 3k profit but there will always be a price where the first buyers are satisfied with their profits so they start to sell. Realistically, they need to sell their fennecs for 2.1k to make a profit but the people who bought nearer the top they’ll start panic selling causing a mass sell-off. This is why when you see an item rise suddenly stay away from it don’t get caught in the hype train. It’s only profitable if you were one of the first people to the hype. Usually, the first people are rich traders with so much buying power they can make item prices move by themselves.

    Another great way to find out Rocket League prices is to go onto trading platforms such as Rocket league Garage or Rl Trading Post. And just search for the item you’re interested in. Take a look at what people are offering and then look at what people are selling for, this will give you a good indication of what to value your item at.

    One trading tip is always to ask for offers, especially for an item that is harder to sell. For example, let’s say you have a rare item and you list it for 3000 credits. Because it’s rare someone might be willing to pay 5000 credits but by saying 3000 credits you’ve just lost out on a potential 2k credits more.

    But what if there are no offers on trading platforms and no one is selling?

    Well if that’s the case I'd recommend using rl exchange on Reddit. This is where most of the collectors of rare items trade. You have two options if you want to find prices there.

    1. Create a [Pricecheck] Post

    RLExchange / Rocket League Exchange Reddit Post

    2. Go to the tab and search for your item this will show all the old posts of people selling the same item as you.

    If you choose the 2nd option you can go ahead of message these previous owners asking them what they sold their item for/what they value it at.


    So in this article, we’ve established that even though rl insider is great we can actually work out our own Rocket League prices by ourselves. And doing it ourselves is a great alternative for finding more accurate RL prices.