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    How To Get Black Market Drops In Rocket League

    March 28, 2023

    How To Get Black Market Drops In Rocket League

    Image of a modded purple black market drop

    You may have noticed your favourite content creators such as Coralcoke, Dlybobz and many more opening up Black Market drops. But you may be confused about how they got them since for the average player there are only 4 drops; Uncommon, Rare, Very rare and Import.

    Black Market Drops is actually something that is in the Rocket League game files but is not yet released, since it’s in the files there is a high possibility that they could be released in the future. However, at the moment the only way to open Black Market drops is through a mod called Voltage.

    What Is Voltage?

    Voltage is a mod that gets injected into Rocket League it gives users the ability to spawn items into the game. When you equip the items you spawn users will be able to see these items when in your lobby and even in a trade window, however, you can not trade your spawned items. When playing matches your opponents also will not be able to see you wearing your spawned items.

    These spawned items aren’t real so as soon as you reset your game these items will disappear. If you want to buy this mod it will cost around $15 for a lifetime membership. But since the items aren’t real let’s find some real ways to get Black markets in Rocket League.

    What Are Black Markets?

    An image of 16 Black market decals displayed in your Rocket League customise car section.

    Black Markets is a type of rarity in Rocket League and it is regarded as the best rarity. This is because it is the hardest item to get out of a Blueprint or Crate with it having a 1% chance of obtaining one.

    There are two types of Black Markets you can get Black Market Goal Explosions and Black Market Decals. Black market Decals known as BMD’s are universal decal’s meaning they can be equipped on any car in Rocket League, also all Black Markets are animated.

    How To Get Black Market’s In Rocket League?

    Since getting Black Market drops is impossible we need to find some other ways to get our hands on Black Markets. At the moment there are 4 ways, trade for it, get it through a Crate or Blueprint, do a trade-up or buy it from the Item Shop.

    An image of a Black Market blueprint which can be crafted for 2500 Credits

    Getting a Black Market Blueprint is usually pretty useless since in order to actually use the item you need to craft the item with Credits. And 9 times out of 10 the item can be bought cheaper than the craft cost making the Blueprint worthless.

    The same rule applies to the item shop. Usually, Black Markets in the Item Shop can be bought cheaper elsewhere but items also bought from the Item Shop are trade-locked making it an even worse option than redeeming Blueprints.

    Next, there are Golden Crates that you can get for free during seasonal events. Each player can redeem 5 Golden Crates per account so you can either grind games out to get them or purchase them with Credits from other traders.

    Remember the chance of getting a Black Market is 1% and each Golden crate is usually worth 100-150 Credits also, the longer you hold the Crate the more expensive it becomes. This means that it is usually better to sell your Golden Crates for Credits and then use those Credits to buy a Black Market.

    Next, you can get a Black Market through a non-crate Exotic trade-up. Something to remember is you can’t get painted Black Markets through this trade-up. In order to do a trade-up you will need 5 non-crate Exotics (NCE) and each NCE costs 50 Credits. This means each trade-up costs 250 Credits and the most expensive item you can get is 550 Credits but the average price of the Black Markets you can get is 200 Credits meaning it’s more than likely you will lose profit.

    This leaves our final and best option which is to purchase a Black Market through player-to-player trading. The reason this is the best choice is you know exactly what you’re getting, it’s also tradable meaning you can resell it at a later date and finally, it’s often cheaper than all the other methods. So now we need to find places that we can find traders to trade with.

    Where To Buy Black Markets?

    There are many trading platforms in Rocket League that you can use to get Black Markets but here are some of the best.

    An image of opmarket showing all the Black Markets for sale

    OPMarket - this is an instant buy-and-sell Rocket League site which will allow you to even swap your unwanted items in order to get your dream Black Market instantly!

    Rocket League Garage - This is a player-to-player trading platform where you can find other players to buy their items off them. When trading with other players always double-check the item to ensure you’re not getting scammed.


    In this article, we’ve discussed how to get Black Market drops and every method for obtaining Black Markets. If you found this blog useful be sure to check out some of our other trading-related blogs.