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    Rocket League Garage Alternative - Trading On OPMarket

    January 23, 2023

    Rocket League Garage Alternative - Trading On OPMarket

    Finding trades in Rocket League takes time and dedication and it is not a skill many can master. Fortunately, there are many tools that exist which make rl trading significantly easier. Such as sites that allow users to buy and sell their Rocket League items.

    RL Garage vs OPMarket

    For as long as trading has existed scammers have always flourished making lots of profit. To try and fight this problem RL Garage and OPMarket have created trading platforms with a strict anti-scam policy. The more trading sites that exist the easier it makes rocket league trading as it creates more opportunities for finding deals. Below we are going to be comparing OPMarket to some of the biggest trading sites in rocket league to see their similarities and differences.


    Both websites have an anti-scammer policy where they use a scamming list plugin so anyone who's on the scam list is not allowed to use their service. They also both have a huge database of every single tradable Rocket League item which is constantly updated so you will always be able to sell your items no matter how rare it is!


    Here are some key differences that separate these two great trading sites.

    Rocket League Garage is a player-to-player site which basically means it puts two traders in contact in order to complete the trade in-game. On the other hand, OPMarket is a player-to-site model so instead of waiting hours to find another trader to buy your items, you can just simply sell it to OPMarket instantly.

    OPMarket also cuts out the need to communicate. Instead of a long negotiation process with difficult traders trying to squeeze as much profit as possible, OPMarket simply lists the prices on each item for an easy process.

    Another great feature with OPMarket is you can trade your items for other items, unlike rl garage where all the traders are only interested in getting credits.

    However, as OPMarket is a site that needs to generate a profit they pay slightly under the minimum price and resell it for a profit. Just like what a normal trader does. For harder-to-sell items, it may be worth selling to OPMarket to get instant credits however if you want full value for your item and you’re willing to spend time searching for a buyer then it may be worth using rocket league garage.

    What Is Rocket League Garage?

    RL garage is a trading platform which links players and traders together in order to complete in-game trades for their favourite items such as bodies, wheels, decals, goal explosions and credits.

    It offers a great and easy-to-use system to list your items and select what you’d like in return. It also allows you to look at what other people are selling their items for meaning you can offer a competitive price without selling too cheap or expensive.

    How Do I Use Rocket League Garage?

    In order to use RL Garage you first need to either create an account or log in if you already have one. Next, you need to link a platform to your rocket league garage account, this will ensure you’re not a scammer trying to use the site.

    The next step is simple just click ‘Add trade offer’ and input the items you own and in the next box select what you’d like in return. Usually, most people want credits in return, and most importantly make sure the boxes on each side match.

    For example, let's say you list owning a titanium white Octane you’d input that in the first box. Then on the ‘you want’ section make sure you put the number of credits you want in the first box also.

    If you do the following steps you should be able to use RL Garage freely and find lots of trades in Rocket league!