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    Dueling Dragons Rocket League - How To Get It?

    November 22, 2022

    Dueling Dragons Rocket League - How To Get It?

    As you score the goal of your life, what better way to show off to your opponents than having the best goal explosion in Rocket League? Undeniably, the Black Market Goal Explosion Dueling Dragons effortlessly sweeps up this number one spot! As we dive into the cosmetic side of Rocket League we will present to you the best ways to acquire the elusive Dueling Dragons, to make YOU have the best car setup on the playing field.

    Dueling Dragons Goal Explosion Item in Rocket League

    History of Dueling Dragons

    Every great item brings a great bundle of history to explore. So let's dive straight into the history of Dueling Dragons and find out what made this goal explosion so popular within the Rocket League community!

    Goal explosions were released in Rocket League in July 2017 where we saw the Overdrive crate release Hellfire, but 5 months later in December 2017, we saw the release of the Velocity crate. Within this crate, we were presented with Dueling Dragons' goal explosion arguably the best black market in the game.

    Initially, Dueling Dragons could only come unpainted within the Velocity crate and it stayed this way for 4 years. This was until we saw the orange Dueling Dragons enter the item shop on January 19th, 2021 this confirmed many traders’ theory that painted Dueling Dragons were soon to come!

    At this point in time, we were not sure whether painted Dueling Dragons would be an item shop exclusive or if it would came tradeable at a later date. As we saw many other paints get released in the shop such as Black and Titanium White many were starting to lose hope that we’d ever be able to trade this Black Market in paint.

    This was until June 16th, 2022 5 years later after the release of the Velocity crate we finally saw painted Dueling Dragons become tradeable in the Select Favorite 2 blueprint series.

    Price Of Dueling Dragons

    Dueling Dragons Price on RLInsider

    For many years we saw Dueling Dragons hold a high value and rightly so, a high-in-demand item deserves a high price. For a long time, we saw this item trade for around 5000 credits making it the most expensive non-painted Black Market ever!

    Dueling Dragon's price is currently at around 700-800 credits. So how did an item so popular drop in value so quickly?

    Let’s start off with the release of painted variants. In my opinion, default Dueling Dragons is best however many players were wanting a specific paint for their car setup, by giving the painted option meant more on the market. More on the market = more supply = price drop.

    Another reason for the sudden drop was the introduction of Black Market trade-ups. This allowed any player to obtain Black Markets just by playing the game assuming you did enough trade-ups. This meant even more Dueling Dragons flooded the market.

    Taking in all these factors justifies the extreme price drop.

    How To Get Dueling Dragons

    So now you’ve heard the great news that despite its amazing appearance Dueling Dragons is actually quite an affordable item. You’re probably eager to find out the best place to buy Dueling Dragons.

    Titanium White Dueling Dragons in Shop

    Item Shop: You can purchase it from the item shop if you so pleased, however, I would not recommend this route for the following reasons.

    1. You don’t know when Dueling Dragons will enter the shop. Since the shop is pretty random you could be waiting a really long time to buy Dueling Dragons.

    2. Default will cost 2000 credits from the shop… Considering you can buy it from a trader for 800 credits, the item shop wouldn’t really make any sense. However, for painted Dueling Dragons the shop is actually slightly cheaper but once again I’d not recommend buying it from the shop for this final reason.

    3. Purchasing items from the shop is permanently trade-locked. This means you won’t ever be able to trade it, essentially making it dead money. At least with tradeable items in the future, you can sell them.

    Trading Dueling Dragons for Tidal Stream in Rocket League

    Trading: As you can see trading is 100% the best option for buying Dueling Dragons. This leads to the next question. Where do you find Dueling Dragons sellers?

    1. OP.Market is the no.1 platform to instantly buy and sell your Rocket League items. It also provides the option to either buy items with items/Credits or money! We all know finding a seller can be hard, especially negotiating a good price but luckily OPM cuts this all out ensuring you receive your items instantly. Unfortunately, OPM is only on Pc for now, meaning for you console players we will have to look at some alternatives.

    2. Rocket League Garage is a fantastic trading platform that makes it easy to connect to fellow traders. It’s also pretty simple to use also just select Dueling Dragons and it will show all the sellers. Always make sure you're not getting scammed though!

    Playing Games: Can you really get Dueling Dragons by just playing the game? Technically yes but it won’t be easy and probably not worth your time. However, you can get dropped a Dueling Dragon's Blueprint. This Blueprint will cost you 2000 credits to build but unlike the shops, this will be tradeable. Once again you can obtain it much cheaper through trading.

    There is one more way to obtain Dueling Dragons for free just by playing however it will require luck… When special events happen every 20 games you play you get rewarded a Golden Crate. Recently Dueling Dragons have appeared in the Golden Pumpkin 2019/22 and Golden Lantern 2021 meaning it is possible to get it for free but the chances of actually pulling a Black Market are 1%..... Yh maybe let’s just stick to getting it through trading.

    Common Questions

    Can Dueling Dragons Come Painted?

    Yes, Dueling Dragons come in every paint except grey/burnt sienna/ gold.

    What Series Is Dueling Dragons In?

    Originally Dueling Dragons were released in the Velocity crate in 2017, it also appeared in Golden Pumpkin 2019/Golden Lantern 2021/Golden Pumpkin 2022 and also dropped in the Select Favorite 2 Blueprint Series where we saw tradeable painted Dueling Dragons.

    How Much Does Dueling Dragons Cost?

    On Pc and PlayStation, it’s around 500 credits whereas on Xbox and Switch it’s 800 Credits.

    Dueling Dragons Blueprint Price?

    Crafting the Dueling Dragon’s Blueprint will cost 2000 credits for unpainted, 2200 for painted, and 2500 for Titanium White.

    Is Dueling Dragons Universal?

    Yes, Dueling Dragons is a universal Black Market Goal Explosion meaning it can be equipped to any car in Rocket League.

    Is Dueling Dragons Rare?

    Despite it looking amazing, unfortunately, it’s pretty common so you won’t struggle to find one.