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    How To Get Crates In Rocket League

    March 16, 2023

    How To Get Crates In Rocket League

    Crates in Rocket League brought an aspect of excitement to all players who love the thought of potentially taking home their favourite item. In this article we will be showing you how to get Crates fast, what are the chances of getting something good out of a Crate and how to trade Crates.

    Why Did Rocket League Remove Crates?

    Unfortunately, in 2020 Rocket League removed the ability to open Crates with Keys to try to protect themselves from Gambling laws. Countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium had already banned the ability to open Crates as they saw these Loot Boxes as a form of Gambling. Rocket League obviously needed to take action fast if they wanted to protect themselves from potential lawsuits in the future.

    Rocket League decided to replace Crates with Blueprint’s and Keys were replaced with Credits. Blueprints just like Crates were dropped after games but unlike Crates where you didn’t know what you might get, Blueprints show the item along with the Credit craft cost so you know what you’re buying.

    So was this the end of Crates?

    No, not at all.

    Every special event Rocket League releases Golden Crates which you can obtain for playing a certain amount of games.

    How To Get Crates In Rocket League?

    So now we know that it is possible to get Golden Crates, let’s see how we can get them. Usually, Rocket League hosts special events, sometimes they’re seasonal events such as Christmas or Chinese new year, and sometimes it’s just a random event they’ve thrown on.

    No matter the event the requirements to obtain Crates are usually the same. Each account is able to unlock x5 Golden Crates. In order to unlock each Crate you need to play 20 Rocket League games per crate. So 100 Games to get all 5 Crates. That’s over 8 hours of game time!

    How To Get Golden Crates Fast!

    So we’ve established for each Crate you need to play 20 games and in total, you can get 5 Crates so it’s 100 Games in total. Each Rocket League game lasts 5 Minutes meaning it would take over 8 Hours to unlock all these Crates. That’s a lot of time right?

    So is there any way we can unlock these event Crates more quickly?


    You see you don’t have to complete the whole 5 minutes. You actually only need to play 1 and a half minutes for it to count as a game. But this only works when playing in 1s. So you can forfeit your 1s games after over a minute and unlock the Gifts in around 2 hours instead of 8!

    When Are Crates Released?

    Usually, Golden Crates are released during special events that Rocket League does. So far we have had Golden Crates released on the following events.

    Christmas = Golden Gift

    Halloween = Golden Pumpkin

    Chinese New Year = Golden Lantern

    Easter = Golden Egg

    Neon Lights = Golden Moon

    Knockout Bash = Golden Gift Basket

    As you can tell you can usually expect a Golden Crate on seasonal events.

    How To Buy Crates In Rocket League?

    Since you can only unlock 5 Golden Crates per account you may want to purchase some more of these Crates to test your luck. So let’s where we can trade for some of these Crates.

    First, we need to make sure we have trading enabled if we want to buy these Crates. Next, we need to find a trading platform. We recommend using either Rocket League Garage or OPMarket.

    OPMarket usually has a huge stock of Golden Crates and the best part is it's instant delivery and you can swap items you already own for the Crates!

    How To Open Crates In Rocket League?

    an image of getting a golden moon after redeeming it

    So now we’ve got ourselves the Crates it is time to open them. You can open Crates in two different ways. The first way is after you receive them in a trade it drops the gift to you and it gives you the option ‘ok’ or ‘Open now’. Select ‘Open now’ and just click ‘Open’ and confirm you want to open it.

    The next way is to go to your Rocket League Garage, go to manage inventory and scroll along to ‘Gift Packs’ simply hover over the Golden Crate you want to open and click it.

    Opening Crates is pretty straightforward forward and it’s another way to have fun in Rocket League.

    Rarity Rates For Rocket League Crates?

    It is no secret that the chances of making a profit from opening Rocket League Crates are very slim, however, players still do it for the sheer excitement of the small chance that they do win.

    The following rates are as followed:

    Rare Item: 55%

    Very Rare Item: 28%

    Import Item: 12%

    Exotic Item: 4%

    Black Market: 1%

    Chance of item being painted: 25%

    Chance of item being certified: 25%


    Hopefully, this article has helped you with everything you want to know about Crates. If you want to trade for some be sure to check out OPMarket where you can instantly buy and sell Rocket League Crates.