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    How To Get The Dingo In Rocket League?

    November 27, 2022

    How To Get The Dingo In Rocket League?

    Dingo Car in Rocket League

    The Dingo has proved to be one of the best cars in Rocket League, but with its popularity comes many questions.

    Questions such as how to easily get the Dingo, Is it rare? What’s its price? These along with many more will all be answered in this Blog

    What Hitbox Is The Dingo?

    When it comes to new Rocket League cars the hitbox plays a huge factor so no wonder the Dingo is so popular as it uses the Octane hitbox. The Octane hitbox provides extremely good handling which is why it's the most popular car in Rocket League.

    Is The Dingo Rare In Rocket League?

    When Rocket League releases a car as good as the Dingo everyone wants to have a go, so it’s a great relief that the Dingo is not rare in Rocket League and the majority of players can get their hands on one.

    The Dingo has been featured in the item shop a few times which allows all players to access this great car body. However, you can get the Dingo cheaper off the trading market where you will find plenty of Dingos in circulation.

    Is The Dingo Tradeable In Rocket League?

    Crimson Dingo Blueprint

    Yes, the Dingo is tradeable if you get it from a blueprint. However, if you purchase the Dingo from the item shop it will be trade locked.

    The Dingo comes paintable in 13 different colours, however since the import car comes from a Blueprint it won’t be able to be used in a trade-up. Trade-ups are only available for non-crate items.

    How Much Is A Dingo?

    So now you know the Dingo is tradable, it’s not rare which means it must be relatively cheap so let's take a look at how much the Dingo costs to buy.

    The Default Dingo costs around 150 credits if you want to purchase it via trading. If you decide to purchase the Dingo from the item shop it will cost 500 credits. So it would be much smarter to just get one through trading.

    Dingo Body Preview

    There are also painted versions of the Dingo so let's take a look at what they’re priced at.

    Default - 150

    Titanium White - 450

    Grey - 200

    Crimson - 250

    Pink - 200

    Cobalt - 200

    Sky blue - 250

    Burnt Sienna - 150

    Saffron - 200

    Lime - 200

    Forest Green - 200

    Orange - 150

    Purple - 200

    How To Get A Dingo?

    There are multiple ways to get the Dingo in Rocket League the first way is to get dropped a Dingo Blueprint after a game. The Blueprint will cost 500 credits to craft, however, it will be tradeable.

    The next way to get the Dingo is from the item shop once again it will cost 500 credits but unlike the Blueprint version which is tradeable, the item shop version will be trade locked.

    Something else to remember is if you’re wanting to quickly get a Dingo then the item shop is probably the worst place to buy as you’ll have to wait for it to come into rotation. And no one knows when items will hit the shop meaning you could be waiting for a while.

    The final and best way to get the Dingo is through trading. So let's take a look at one method on where we can trade for a Dingo which is quick and cheap.

    OPMarket allows users to instantly trade for all the most popular items in Rocket League such as import car bodies including the Dingo! The best part of it is it’s cheap and INSTANT! Meaning you won’t have to wait more than 30 seconds to get your dream items!

    So to summarize the 3 ways to get a Dingo are:

    Get dropped a Dingo Blueprint, Buy the Dingo from the item shop, or trade for the Dingo (We’d recommend the trading platform OPMarket).