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    How To Get The Halo Topper In Rocket League!

    June 19, 2023

    How To Get The Halo Topper In Rocket League!

    Welcome back! Today, we'll be taking a deep dive into one of the most sought-after cosmetics in the game - the Halo Topper. This popular car accessory has a rich history and some unique features that make it a top pick for players. But how exactly can you get your hands on one?

    Read on to find out.

    History of the Halo Topper

    The Halo Topper was first introduced to Rocket League as a part of the game's initial release way back in July 2015. Back in the day, acquiring such items was a relatively straightforward process. Uncommon items like the Halo Topper had a chance of being dropped after a player finished an online match along with other items such as crates.

    The Halo Topper quickly became a fan favourite due to its glowing, simplistic design that was reminiscent of an angel's halo. Its floating, circular shape was not overly flashy, making it an understated yet stylish accessory for any battle car. And let's not forget the painted versions of the Halo.

    Painted Halo’s

    What's better than a Halo Topper? A painted Halo Topper, of course! As with other items in Rocket League, the Halo Topper is available in a variety of different paints. These include:

    - Black

    - Burnt Sienna

    - Cobalt

    - Crimson

    - Forest Green

    - Grey

    - Lime

    - Orange

    - Pink

    - Purple

    - Saffron

    - Sky Blue

    - Titanium White

    Each variation adds an entirely new flair to your vehicle, making you stand out on the playing field.

    How To Currently Obtain The Halo Topper

    Rocket League has evolved significantly since its launch in 2015, and so has the way players acquire items like the Halo Topper. Uncommon items can now only be obtained from Uncommon Drops, which are themselves obtained through the Free Rocket Pass or Season Challenges.

    The Free Rocket Pass, released every season, includes tiers that players can progress through by gaining experience from matches. Some of these tiers grant players Uncommon Drops, which have a very small chance of containing the Halo Topper.

    Season Challenges, on the other hand, are tasks players can complete during a season to gain various rewards. Completing these challenges can also grant Uncommon Drops, providing yet another avenue for acquiring the Halo Topper.

    Trading for the Halo Topper

    Perhaps the most effective way to get your hands on the Halo Topper, especially specific painted versions, is through trading. There are numerous trading platforms available where players can trade in-game items. Some of the most popular ones are:

    1. Rocket-League.com: This is one of the largest trading platforms, with a vast user base and an excellent filtering system where you can be sure to find players listing the halo for sale.

    2. OP.Market: This is an automated trading platform which is quickly growing to become one of the largest trading platforms. This site will allow you to instantly trade for a halo topper with 0 wait times!

    3. Discord servers: There are numerous Discord servers dedicated to Rocket League trading. They provide a real-time trading experience, which can be both exciting and rewarding.

    Remember, always trade safely! Use trusted middlemen for large trades and never share sensitive account information.

    So, whether you're a longtime Rocket League player looking to add to your collection, or a newcomer desperate to land your hands on one of these majestic toppers we’re confident you’ll stand out on the playing field!