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    Where To Find A Rocket League Middleman

    March 26, 2023

    Where To Find A Rocket League Middleman

    With so many scammers in Rocket League wanting to take advantage of you it is sometimes necessary to get a Middleman to ensure absolute safety. But what situations would require a Middleman? How do you know if a Middleman is trusted? How do you make sure you don’t get scammed by a fake Middleman? And finally, where can you find Middlemen that you can trust? In this article, we will be giving the answers to all these questions!

    What Is A MiddleMan In Rocket League?

    A Middleman is usually a trader who has been on the scene for many years building up a trustworthy reputation. In certain communities, they have a reputation system where after a trade you can rep the other party based on your experience. Middlemen help with trades where two traders aren’t able to trust each other.

    Why Do You Need A Middleman?

    The majority of trades that take place in RL won’t require a Middleman however, as you advance into your trading journey situations will occur where you will need someone trusted. Let’s see what situations would require a Middleman.

    In Rocket League per trade window, you can only input 24 items per trade this means if a trade involves more than 24 items you may require a Middleman to collect all the items from both parties. Once they have all the items they will then transfer the items over to the other trader.

    Another situation you may need a Middleman for is when the number of Credits you offer exceeds the number of Credits you can give or receive. For example, Rocket League accounts between the level of 30-99 are only able to trade 2000 Credits per trade. If you are between levels 100-249, you can only trade 10,000 Credits per trade. And finally, if you’re over level 250 you can trade 100,000 Credits per trade. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to trade more Credits than your account will allow then a Middleman may be required.

    The final situation you would need a Middleman is when cash trading in Rocket League. For example, you may want to sell a white Octane for $50 but how do you know that the person will send the money? This is where a Middleman would come in. First, the trader would give the white Octane to the Middleman, and then the other trader would send the $50. After the $50 is received then the Middleman will give the Octane to the other trader.

    Where Can You Find Trusted Middlemen?

    With so many scammers it’s important to find a Middleman that you can trust! Some traders may say they’re a Middleman in a small community but we don’t want to settle for a small middleman with barely any reputation. We want only the best Middlemen with a proven track record. Usually, the bigger the community the better the Middlemen are as they have more reputation and more to lose. Let’s take a look at the best places to find a trusted Middleman.

    Rocket League Exchange (Reddit)

    RL Exchange is a subreddit with 195,000 members dedicated to Rocket League trading, on this Subreddit you can find trades, ask for price checks or discuss the trading market. And you can also find trusted Middlemen who have years of reputation.

    To find a Middleman sort the subreddit by ‘Hot’

    At the top, you will find a thread entitled ‘Anything Goes Thread’ click that.

    Next, select ‘Middleman Call Megathread’

    Finally, comment in the thread ‘!call (Platform) mm’ for example if I wanted a Middleman for Xbox I’d comment ‘!call Xbox mm’. Next, you wait and a Middleman will reply to your post when they are available.

    Trade Central (Discord)

    Trade Central is a Discord server with 60,000 members dedicated to CSGO & Rocket League trading. For years trade central has established itself as one of the best places for high-end traders to trade.

    This means that they have some of the best Middlemen in all of Rocket League as these Middlemen have done trades involving many Alpha items such as Alpha Boost and White Hat.

    In order to call a Middleman on Trade Central go to the section called ‘Middleman_call’ here you will see a set of instructions. Simply Message the ‘Trade Central’ bot saying !call.

    This will open up a section within Trade Central that only you, the person you’re trading with, and the Middleman can access.

    RLPlus (Discord)

    This Discord server has 160,000 members and is dedicated to Rocket League overall such as finding teammates, checking ranks and finding users to trade with.

    To request a Middleman find the category ‘community centre’ and select ‘Middleman request’

    Then use the command /middleman-request just like Trade Central this will open a private section within the server that only you, your trade partner and the Middleman can access.

    How To Not Get Scammed By A Fake Middleman

    The whole purpose of Middlemen is to prevent users from getting scammed however, having Middlemen actually creates a whole new scam. The impersonation scam.

    The impersonation scam is when a user on Discord copies the name, digits and branding of a trader with a large reputation. They will often send you a message offering a really good deal that anyone would take. They then will ask you to check their reputation, when you check their rep it will show the reputation of the real user making you think that they’re trustworthy.

    The best way to avoid getting scammed is when you check the reputation of the user, send a message to the person you have just repped. If you don’t see any previous messages with the user that means you are talking to a fake.


    Hopefully, this article has told you everything you need to know about Rocket League Middlemen. Remember these Middlemen take time out of their day to ensure your safety in trading. While tips are not required it’s always a polite way to show your appreciation.