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    Is Aoeah Legit?

    January 30, 2023

    Is Aoeah Legit?

    With so many scams in Rocket League, it’s always good to be cautious especially when purchasing items and inputting sensitive details into a site.

    Today we will be taking a look at aoeah.com and will be testing them out for ourselves so you don’t have to.

    Is Aoeah Safe?

    Upon first glance at Aoeah it is clear why some may be skeptical about using their site. It appears to look like just a basic WordPress website with little effort being put in. So straight from the start, our first impressions weren’t very good. After all, if a site can’t be bothered to look professional what will its customer service be like?

    We decided to purchase a sky-blue octane to test their service out and we did in fact receive it.

    Is Aoeah Reliable?

    Speed, Price, and Communication. These are the most important factors that we want to find out when it comes to purchasing Rocket League items.

    Let’s first take a look at Aoeah's customer support. At first, I couldn’t find their live chat as it was hidden away at the top. In my opinion, they should have a little message icon in the bottom right which is what most sites have. After I had selected ‘live chat’ before I could start chatting it gave me multiple options and if I wanted to speak to someone I had to input my order number. This is not ideal for people who have questions that they want to ask before buying.

    Upon investigation, it appeared that these live chat workers were from China as their English was not the best and they came off as blunt and rude. Obviously, not everyone can speak English but we believe that for a game where the main language is English, it is important to have friendly live chat workers who are helpful. The fact they choose to get their workers from China where the labour is cheap, reinforces our suspicions that they only care about money and not customer satisfaction.

    Next, we decided to take a look at how long it takes for Aoeah to deliver orders. Surprisingly, our delivery was fairly quick as we got our Sky Blue Octane in 5 minutes. However, when taking a look at their Trustpilot it appears we were lucky as many had not gotten their orders.

    This is because when you purchase a Rocket League item that they don't have in stock they then have to go out to get it. Depending on the rarity of the item you could be waiting days to weeks and due to their poor communication you would be left in the dark not knowing when to expect to get your Rocket League item.

    Is Aoeah Bannable?

    Technically yes, but you won’t ever get banned for buying Rocket League items from Aoeah. Cash trading is against Rocket League’s Terms Of Service however, this isn’t an issue they care about.

    Only the websites and large cash traders would be trade banned in the very rare event that ban waves do happen. These accounts run millions of Credits through their accounts so it’s kind of obvious, whereas if you’re just buying the odd Rocket League item now and again Rocket League doesn’t know if you bought it for money. For all, they know it could just be a friend donating.

    So overall being banned from Rocket League for using Aoeah is not something you need to worry about.

    Is Aoeah Cheap?

    Cheap prices are a very important factor when purchasing Rocket League items so let’s see if Aoeah has the cheapest Prices.

    At first glance, their credit prices seem relatively cheap and reasonable however, the majority of their items which don’t sell very often seem to be severely overpriced. For example, a Default Maverick GXT costs $11.99 but their Titanium White version costs $7.29 which makes no sense as the white version is worth x8 times more than unpainted. In Reality, the Unpainted version should cost around $1.

    This is the case for almost all the items, they are all overpriced except for the easy-to-sell items like Fennec's, Credit's, Octane's, and a few more.

    Is Aoeah Trustworthy?

    In our case, we did get our items fairly quick but their live chat took over 30 minutes to respond and we can not ignore aoeah’s Trustpilot which has many unsatisfied customers accusing them of being scammers. Most likely their poor communication lets them down. So it seems to be a hit or miss with Aoeah but I can confidently say there are much better places to buy Rocket League items from.


    Overall, I’d say Aoeah is not a scam however, it needs many improvements in order to keep customers satisfied! If you would like to find out more site reviews or trading tips be sure to check out the rest of our blogs!