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    My Rocket League Account Has Been Hacked - What To Do Next.

    November 27, 2022

    My Rocket League Account Has Been Hacked - What To Do Next.

    You load up Rocket League like usual, but something is different…

    You notice your car setup has completely changed. So you head over to your inventory and instantly you notice.

    Everything is gone.

    You soon come to the realization that you’ve been a victim of a hack in Rocket League. So what do you do next?

    In this article, I’ll be telling you how to secure your account, how to avoid any future hacks, how to get your items back, and how to rebuild your inventory.

    How To Secure Your Rocket League Account?

    The first step you want to do is pretty obvious but change your password. We also recommend changing the password to the email that is associated with your RL account.

    1. The first step is to head over to Epic Games and sign in.

    2. After logging in hover over your account name in the top right. This should bring a drop-down menu where you should see the option “Account” Click that.

    3. Next on the left-hand side, you should see multiple options but the option you want is “password and security”

    4. From there you want to change your password.

    After you complete those steps, if you continue to scroll down you should see the section 2 Factor Authentication. When you get hacked in Rocket League it's most likely they hacked you through your email so we’d recommend changing your 2Fa from email to SMS or Authy. Getting verification through SMS and Authy is much safer.

    Since you were most likely hacked through your email you now need to log into your email and change the password and add 2-Factor Authentication to your email if possible.

    So we’ve now secured your Epic Games account what’s next?

    Well if you only play Epic Games on PC you should be fine however if you have multiple platforms linked to your Epic Games account you now want to go through all the linked consoles changing the passwords and adding 2-factor to every platform.

    If you’re not sure how to add two-factor to your Xbox/Steam/PlayStation or change their password we’d recommend a quick google search. There is plenty of tutorials online to help.

    How To Get Your Rocket League Items Back?

    To be completely honest with you there is no way to get your items back TRADEABLE. So if you mainly traded on Rocket League this will be a huge blow. However, if you don’t care about being able to trade your items and you just want to use your items on your car there is a way to get them back trade-locked.

    If you want to get your items back trade locked search up “rl submit ticket” and select the first option which will take you to the Epic Games support site.

    Sign into your Epic Games account. It will then show you a bunch of topics however none of these topics will help you so scroll to the very bottom of the site where you will “Contact us”.

    Selecting this will allow you to communicate with a real-life Epic Games support worker who will be able to assist you with your issues. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can such as when were you last online/what items are you missing/what’s your email/what’s Epic Game's name/do you have any other platforms linked to your Epic Games account.

    Providing as many details as possible will help the worker investigate your account by seeing if you’ve been compromised. If it’s found true that you have been hacked then they’ll return your items back trade locked and return any credits you’ve lost in a form of a bonus gift crate. 100 credits = 1 bonus gift.

    How To Avoid Being Hacked In The Future

    If you have enabled SMS two-factor on all your accounts then it is unlikely you’ll ever get hacked again. However, it’s important to understand how you got hacked so you can avoid the same mistake in the future.

    Sometimes you can be hacked just by bad luck perhaps your password was in a data leak. But most of the time you get hacked due to a dodgy site or link you’ve signed into.

    A common scam tactic is through Discord. Often bots will mass message you saying you’ve won a giveaway and will send you a link to receive your reward. Remember every time you see a link automatically assume it’s a scam.

    Another popular scam tactic is when people refer you to a fake trading/RLCS sign-up page. These sites are replicas of the real ones so they can catch a lot of people out. Now usually no trading site will require your account details so always assume that it's a scam. On the other hand, the official RLCS fan reward site does require your details so you can get dropped rewards on Twitch. Usually, fake RLCS sites will look cheap and the URL is slightly different from the real one. The official RLCS fan rewards site is called “esports.rocketleague.com”.

    The takeaway point from this blog is, never click on any links you get sent!

    How To Recover From Getting Scammed In Rocket League?

    We all know that getting scammed and losing all your inventory in rocket league is an awful feeling. So what should you do now? Give up? NO!

    When you lose everything it would be easy to give up, especially if you spent money getting your Rocket League items. I know it’s easier said than done but you need to remember those rocket league items are just pixels on a screen.

    I’ve personally been scammed and have lost well over $1000 on Rocket League. But every time I got scammed I always regained even more than I had before and got even richer!

    So how did I do it?

    Well first, I viewed getting scammed as a valuable life lesson. It made me more aware and less vulnerable. Sometimes you have to get hurt to learn.

    The next tip after getting scammed is DO NOT BEG for free items. I get you’re upset but no one is going to give you free stuff for something that’s your own mistake. Ultimately, you are wasting your time. The time you spend begging could be time used to trade your way back up.


    So in this article, we covered some tips to recover from being scammed, how to get your items back and how to secure your account. If you want to buy cheap items and credits without having to worry about getting scammed why not try OPMarket.