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    How To Easily Get A Titanium White Octane In Rocket League!

    November 22, 2022

    How To Easily Get A Titanium White Octane In Rocket League!

    Why Should You Trust My Advice?

    My name is Nathanael and I have been trading in Rocket League for around 6 years at one point I was the richest trader on Xbox with my inventory being worth over 10 million Credits. And I’ve also made close to 6 figures profit from trading on this game, so hopefully, I know what I’m talking about. The goal of this blog is to give you my years of experience to try and help you speed up the process of getting your first White Octane!

    The Octane has been the best car in Rocket League for many years due to its unique hitbox.

    And Titanium White has been the best colour for many years. So when you put the best car and the best colour together you get a very costly price!

    The White Octane is trading at around 18k Credits on Xbox and around 9k on PSN and PC to keep updated go to rl.insider to find the White Octane price. Unfortunately, not everyone has this kind of Credit’s just lying around, so in this blog, I will be showing you different methods to easily get this car!

    Why Is The White Octane Expensive?

    Well, obviously supply and demand play a key part in the Octane's price as it has all the desirable characteristics for creating the perfect vehicle for both playing in and looks.

    Before Free To Play the White Octane was only obtainable through noncrate very rare trade-ups, there was a 1/14 chance of just landing on an Octane, assuming you landed on an Octane there was an additional 1/12 chance of it landing on Titanium White giving a 1% of landing on a White Octane.

    However, after Free To Play they made the odds of getting an Octane through very rare trade-ups even harder by adding a lot more potential items you can get in the trade-up. But you can also get a White Octane through Rare/Import Drops but once again the odds are so low you might as well face the fact you’re unlikely to ever obtain the White Octane through luck.

    Will The White Octane Ever Come To The Item Shop?

    Titanium White Octane in the Rocket League Shop

    The thought of the White Octane coming to the item shop has been a hot topic for a very long time now, and it finally happened on Christmas it got released in the shop on the 24th of December and remained in the shop for 7 days!

    The price was set at 800 Credits making it very affordable for all players to get! Titanium white Octane has now been added to the list of Octanes which have already appeared in the shop (crimson, orange, purple). Recently, orange has been put in the shop for a 2nd time so perhaps we will see titanium white Octane again...

    Buy It From A Third Party.

    This will require real money but if you don’t want to wait and want a treat then this may be the best option for you. I am going to show you 3 safe and reliable sites but there is also one more site which I’ll save the best for last.

    Lolga Has been on the go for many years and has built up a reputation to be a good place to purchase Rocket League items from. The price for the White Octane is around $77 after fees on here, depending on the time of purchase you can expect wait times.

    Aoeah is one of the larger Rocket League sites, once again the price of the White Octane on here is around $77, as it is a more popular site you may experience longer wait times, and unfortunately, the live chat can be unhelpful due to them being based in China so their English isn’t the best. However, you should receive what you paid for.

    Rl.Exchange is around $79 to get the White Octane, however, the customer service is far superior to the other sites, they are a transparent company that will always keep you updated with your order status.

    Out of these 3 sites, Rl.Exchange is the best however, there is a better option that is cheaper and guarantees instant delivery!

    OP.Market, this site allows users to trade items instantly and sell their items for real money. The site has a clean easy-to-use design, on the auto trade section, you can see every item they have in stock which can be delivered instantly. You can either trade your item/credits for the White Octane or alternatively you can purchase on-site Credit balance for significantly cheaper rates. This means you can buy a White Octane for around $50-$60 depending on fluctuating prices.

    All 4 websites will deliver the same product however, there is clearly only one winner which is the cheapest and provides instant delivery, you can’t ask for a better service than that!

    Get A White Octane For Free!

    Getting free Rocket League items seems far too good to be true never mind getting a White Octane for free… So is this possible? Yes. Is it easy? Not exactly. Let me explain.

    Rl.supply is a Rocket League website that allows users to earn free items by completing tasks and surveys. So there is work involved but if you are new and have no money then using this site to get a kickstart to trading is by far the best option you can do.

    There have been users on this site who’s made enough coins to be able to buy multiple white octanes which just shows how effective this site can be when done properly.

    My favourite part of this site is its referral system where you can earn a percentage of coins that users make who signed up with your link. Personally, I’ve made enough for a White Octane on this site just by promoting my referral code on Youtube, this allowed me to get a free White Octane without doing any tasks myself!

    Trading For A White Octane

    Trading for Titanium White Octane

    If you have no money to spend then trading may be your last resort to getting your dream car.

    Some Basic rules for trading are you need money to make money and the more money you have the more profit you can make. This is why I recommend using RL.Supply to get your free Rocket League items in order to get your trading journey started.

    Some important websites you’ll need are Rl.insider.gg to find Rocket League Prices and RL Garage where you can Find Rocket League trades.

    By using these sites you can constantly be kept up to date on the White Octane price.

    Rl.insider is usually pretty accurate however, sometimes prices can change quickly and it can’t update quickly enough. This is why I recommend looking at RL Garage and seeing what people are offering and selling for. This way you can find your own prices and predict price changes for the White Octane.

    In this blog, I won’t be covering trading methods to get rich quick since this will be covered in another post.


    So we have managed to go through a few methods to obtain a White Octane however, as you can see if you don’t want to spend money you will have to put time and effort to get the Octane.

    My advice is if you have a job and work you should purchase the White Octane for real money since your time is far more valuable and the time it would take to get a White Octane for nothing you could have worked and gotten it significantly quicker.

    However, if you have some disposable time I'd recommend learning to trade as it will teach you a lot of valuable money life lessons, and of course, as you get better the more you’ll make.