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    How To Get Your Missing Rocket League Credits Back!

    November 22, 2022

    How To Get Your Missing Rocket League Credits Back!

    So you’ve logged onto your Rocket League account and all your items are there but your Credits are all gone!

    What’s happened?

    Have you been hacked?

    No, if you’ve been hacked all your items would be missing, however, in this article, we will be telling you exactly why your Credits are missing and how to get them back.

    Why Are Your Credits Missing?

    On January 31st, 2020 many players went to Reddit to complain that their Credits were missing in Rocket League.

    Despite this being a few years ago it’s still very possible for this to happen today.

    In fact, many players said that their Credits didn't return for at least a few days.

    The reason for this was that the Rocket League servers went down and for those who didn’t receive their Credits when servers were back up, it appeared to be a glitch where their Credits didn't sync.

    How To Get Your Credits Back?

    Purchase Screen in Rocket League

    If you had Credits in your inventory but they are now missing, it means the servers are down and you will have to wait a few hours for them to come back up. If you don’t see them back then we’d recommend submitting a ticket to Rocket League’s support.

    If your Credits along with your items are missing then it means you have been hacked. You will be able to get your items returned however, they will be given back trade locked and instead of Credits Rocket League will return you bonus gift crates which are also locked.

    Usually, your Credits going missing is just a glitch and it is nothing to worry about. Even though it is annoying incidents like these do happen. But hopefully, this blog has reassured you that this is nothing to worry about.