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    Interstellar - The Ultimate Rocket League Space Decal

    November 22, 2022

    Interstellar - The Ultimate Rocket League Space Decal

    Great Rocket League players, deserve great Rocket League car setups.

    What better way to show off a victory than winning in style?

    And style is exactly what Interstellar is. No wonder it’s one of the most popular items in Rocket League.

    If you want to know everything about the Black Market Interstellar such as;

    - Price

    - Where to Buy

    - Best Interstellar designs

    And much more, then you’ve come to the right place to find out all about Interstellar.

    When Was Interstellar Released?

    For years the Rocket League community had been begging for a space-themed BMD so what a pleasant surprise they received on June 23rd, 2020 when they saw the release of the Momentum Blueprint Series.

    Within this Blueprint Series, we saw the release of items such as the Z-Current Decal, Cutter: Inverted, and the Black Market Goal Explosion Gravity Bomb. But all eyes were on one item. Interstellar.

    With it being perfect for a space-themed car setup it was naturally a big hit within the RL player base, with everyone desperate to obtain this mesmerizing decal.

    How Much Is Interstellar?

    With it being such a big hit naturally, it held a pretty hefty price on release day. High prices which many were willing to pay!

    Titanium White Interstellar Price on RLInsider

    Within the first couple of days of Interstellar’s release, we saw the Titanium White version reaching prices of 15,000 credits with the Default trading at around 5,000 credits. Making getting dropped a Blueprint extremely profitable and lucky.

    However, two years later since the release, we’ve seen the price significantly drop and stabilize. At the time of writing this Titanium White Interstellar costs around 2,000 credits with default trading around 1,000 credits.

    Not only is this an extremely good Rocket League car sticker but it also comes at an affordable price that anyone can afford, either buying with money or taking the time to trade for it.

    Where To Buy Interstellar?

    Now that you know interstellar is relatively cheap you probably are desperate to find out where to buy it.

    Now usually if you want to buy this BMD you’d have to wait to try and find a seller. Who wants to wait? If you’re like me you want to get this Decal straight away so you can show it off to all your friends.

    But other than the item shop where you don’t even know when it will come to rotation is there a way to instantly get it?


    At OP.Market we’ve made it possible to instantly buy your favorite items such as Interstellar. You can either buy it using money or trade away your items for it!

    OP.Market Home Page

    On OPM you can even top up your Credit balance with money so you can trade for it using half your items and half money just in case you don’t have enough. And the best part is Instant delivery. When I say INSTANT I really mean it!

    Some other places you can buy Interstellar off are marketplaces such as Aoeah, Lolga, and Rl.exchange. In terms of quality, we recommend rl.exchange however something that OP excels at is Instant delivery and cheaper prices!

    Let’s say you don't want to buy it using money instead, you want to trade for it using items, we recommend using Rl Garage or the phone app Rl Trade Post. By using these apps you will have to find a good deal plus negotiate with other traders.

    By no means do we want to say OP.Market is the best since we will obviously be biased. But with Cheap prices and instant delivery without any hassle of dealing with other traders, we will let you decide who’s the best.

    What Colours Can You Get Interstellar In?

    Interstellar is one of the few Black Markets that come in every single colour this includes, Default, Black, White, Grey, Crimson, Pink, Cobalt, Sky Blue, Burnt Sienna, Saffron, Lime, Forest Green, Orange, and finally purple.

    If you are interested in purchasing a painted interstellar here are the current prices.

    -Black = 1.5k

    - Titanium White = 2k

    - Grey = 900

    - Crimson = 1k

    - Pink = 800

    - Cobalt = 900

    - Sky Blue = 1.4k

    - Burnt Sienna = 600

    - Saffron = 800

    - Lime = 900

    - Forest Green = 1k

    - Orange = 800

    - Purple = 1.1k

    As you can tell most of the painted versions are affordable. In my opinion, White and Black Interstellar is the best colour.

    Best Interstellar Designs

    So now you’ve got yourself one of the best Black Markets in Rocket League you now need to think of the best way to show off your new looks.

    Creating a clean car design can be difficult so we’ve created some designs which can hopefully give you some ideas on how you want to look!

    Interstellar Decal Design in Rocket League
    Rocket League Car Design with Interstellar Design
    Rocket League Design With Dominus and Interstellar