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    All Rocket League Black Market Decals Price List

    December 6, 2022

    All Rocket League Black Market Decals Price List

    With so many items in Rocket League, it can be hard to separate the valuable from the worthless. Luckily, we all are aware of one type of item that every RL player dreams of obtaining which is Black Market Decals. But with so many Black Markets, not every BMD can be deserving of a top spot.

    In this article, you’ll learn some tips and tricks on how to find the best Black Market Decals available in Rocket League. Due to Black Market trade-ups, there is a high possibility that you have a couple of BMD’s lying around in your inventory.

    At the time of writing this, there are 28 Black Markets available to use at your disposal. Chances are you’ll fall in love with one Decal which you’ll use as part of your Rocket League car set-up. From Interstellar down to Tora there really is a huge variety of Black Market Decals that you can choose from.

    What Are Rocket League Decals?

    The main part of Rocket League is car football however, there is a cosmetic side to the game. After all, everyone wants to win a game in style. There are 5 main parts to every set-up in RL that you’ll need if you want to compete with the best.

    The first one is your vehicle body. Depending on the vehicle you choose you to unlock, exclusive items can only be equipped for that type of car. Each car is unique with different styles, looks, and hitboxes. Some cars even represent real-life cars such as Lamborghini, BMW, and Nascar so you can be sure that your favorite car is available.

    Next is Wheels, now different Wheels can come in many forms of rarity such as Uncommon, Very Rare, Import and Exotic but we tend to find Exotic wheels are the best since they usually are animated.

    Then we have Toppers and Antennas. If we view toppers as a hat for your car to add some style. Unfortunately, many Rocket League players decide not to use these items as they feel it distracts them in-game.

    Finally, we have Decals, the final touch that every car needs so be sure to make it a good one. Imagine a Decal like a wrap or a sticker for your car, Rocket League Decals come in all sorts of different colours, designs, patterns, and effects. Some Decals are even animated! However, if you choose an animated Decal you won’t be able to apply a Paint Finish so keep that in mind.

    Rocket league Decals also come in all sorts of rarities such as Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, Limited, and Black Market. If you're looking for a clean set-up we’d recommend a Rare Decal but if you want something a little more flashy then Black Market Decals are the thing for you.

    What Makes Black Market Decals Special In Rocket League?

    So the question everyone is probably wondering is what makes Black Markets so much better than all the other Decals in Rocket League?

    Well, there are a few reasons but let’s start with the first one.

    Rarity: When opening Crates you have a 1% of landing on a Black Market. That means if you opened 100 Crates you’d only get one BMD. Pretty low odds right? And we all know that in Rocket League rarity can make items so much more desirable. Over the past year, Black Markets have actually become easier to get as Exotic to Black Market trade-ups were introduced this meant instead of having a 1% chance of landing on a BMD you are now guaranteed one if you have 5 non-crate Exotics!

    Appearance: All Black Market Decals are universal Decals meaning they can be equipped to any car you choose in Rocket League. All Bmds are also animated with different patterns, designs, and movements.

    How To Get Any Black Market Decal In Rocket League?

    At the time of writing this, there are a few different methods to obtain all the Black Markets in Rocket League:

    - Blueprints: After playing games in Rocket League you can get rewarded with these random drops. It’s rare to get dropped a Black Market Blueprint however you can trade up to one, and if you do get one you’ll need a lot of Credits in order to craft it. Usually, crafting Black Market Blueprints is only profitable when it's a brand new Black Market that’s been released.

    - Crates: You use to be able to open Crates in Rocket League using Keys. Similar, to Blueprints, Crates were randomly dropped after games however, unlike Blueprints you wouldn’t know what item you’d get out of the Crate. Now the only Crates that exist are Golden Crates. These are free Crates that you get for playing games in Rocket League and you can get Black Markets out of them.

    - Item Shop: Usually there is always a Black Market in the Item Shop that you can buy using Credits. Titanium White Black Markets will cost 2500 Credits, Any other paint will be 2.2k, and non-painted Black Markets will cost 2k Credits. These are the same prices that it would cost to craft Black Market Blueprints however, items bought from the shop are trade-locked.

    - Rocket League Trading: This is by far the best option as it will be significantly cheaper than crafting Blueprints or buying from the shop. We recommend using OPMarket where you can instantly buy Black Market Decals at the cheapest prices! Alternatively, you can engage in player-to-player trades on trading platforms but please be aware of scammers!

    All Black Market Decal Prices

    20xx: When using the correct colours this Decal is one of the best. This Bmd also comes in 14 different paints. It can be purchased for around 300 Credits.

    Biomass: This is more of a low-end Black Market but it’s good for beginner traders who don’t have much to start out with. Biomass is like a Black fog that spreads across your car body, it can be purchased for 100 Credits.

    Bubbly: Based on the name you might be able to guess this animated decal is based on bubbles floating around on your car. This will cost you around 300 Credits.

    Want to hide? Well, the Chameleon Decal is perfect for you, with the skin texture of a real-life lizard, it also blends into the stadium colours while playing games. It can be purchased for around 200 Credits.

    Dissolver: This Decal has been a favourite for many players, it's split into two different colour waves with a rushing water effect to join them together. Due to its popularity, it's one of the more expensive Black Markets valued at 700 Credits.

    Encryption: Want to become a coder? Well, Encryption is the perfect Decal to represent you. It’s designed to look like computer code that moves as you spin around your car. Many think it looks a bit glitchy but it still has a price of 500 Credits.

    Exalter: In my opinion, Exalter is one of the worst Black Markets as it's only animated towards the end of the vehicle, however, it does hold a decent value of 600 Credits.

    Fire God: Some call this Heatwave v2 as it's got the same fiery design however the pattern covers the whole car. This item is worth 500-600 Credits.

    Heatwave: This Black Market is one of the all-time greats with it being one of the first good Black Markets ever released. It has a fiery pattern all around the car edges making the name Heatwave very appropriate you can source this item for about 350-450 Credits.

    Hexed: This Bmd shows hexagonal shapes that move in size as animation highlights the shape's outline. You can trade for Hexed for 100 Credits.

    Hex Tide:
    Once again this Decal involves Hexagonal shapes that light up in wave patterns changing colours all along your car body. You can buy this Bmd for around 150-200 Credits

    Perhaps one of the greatest Black Markets to ever be released is Interstellar. This space-themed Decal has stars and galaxy’s moving around your car making it great for designs. The price ranges from 700-1k Credits.

    Intrudium: Perhaps one of the worst Decals in Rocket League, Intrudium is designed like metal that shines through the car patterns. Intrudium can be bought for about 100 Credits.

    Glorifier: If you like fiery designs this may be perfect for you. Some say Glorifier is similar to Dissolver but with a fiery pattern. This Bmd will set you back 150-200 Credits.

    Labyrinth: Want to get lost in a maze? Labyrinth is the Decal for you. It’s designed to look like a maze which has slight movement in the animation. The price is around 100 Credits

    Want to get Lava on your car? Magma is designed to look like Lava magma moving all around your car In a glitchy kind of way. You can get one for 100-150 Credits.

    Mainframe: One of the more high-end Decals with Bolts of Circuit lines that move through your vehicle like electricity. With a nice blend of two colours many great designs can be made. Price ranges from 600-700 for unpainted up to 12k Credits for the Titanium White variant.

    Parallax: Squares move through your vehicle with many at the front but slowly they blend away towards the rear of your car body. You can get one for 100-150 Credits.

    Sharp-edged lines stand still as a white colour streams through the lines giving it an animated effect. The price is 100-150 Credits.

    Gooey lines slowly move at the back of your vehicle like it's dripping down your car. You can get one for 100-150 Credits

    Streamline: Slightly curved lines stacked upon each other move from the back to the front of your vehicle. Through trading, you can get one for 100-150 Credits.

    Stipple Gait: Fuzzy wavey lines quickly swoop through your vehicle in random movements. Price ranges from 500 Credits to 1k credits depending on which platform you play on.

    Storm Watch:
    The storm circle has now moved on your car swirling around at the top of your vehicle. You can get this for 200-300 Credits by trading.

    Stride Tide: A frozen texture on your car with an animation vertically sweeping across your car. It can be bought for around 1.2k Credits.

    Tiny squares cover your whole car as glowing lines move through the gaps of the squares. An animation also travels through the back of your car in the secondary colour you choose. Trigon can be traded for around 100 Credits.

    A furry texture like a stripey Zebras coat. It’s worth around 70-100 Credits.

    Tidal Stream: A stream of waves and different colours travels through your car a bit like water flowing through a river. It can be bought for 500-1k Credits depending on your platform.

    Wet Paint: Your car is separated into two different colours. Paint-like streaks move from the front of the vehicle into the rear side of your car. The price is around 100-150 Credits.

    Remember the Rocket League market is always changing so be sure to double-check prices before you make any trade!