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    How To Cross-Platform Trade And Get Rich On Rocket League!

    November 22, 2022

    How To Cross-Platform Trade And Get Rich On Rocket League!

    Do you trade on Rocket League?

    Do you own more than one gaming platform?

    And do you want to utilize this and easily get rich on Rocket League?

    If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place because in this guide we are going to do a complete breakdown of how to cross-platform trade and get rich!

    How To Transfer Your Rocket League Inventory To A Different Platform?

    First things first, you need to make sure you’ve linked all your platforms to your Epic account, this will allow you to transfer all your inventory and progress to a different console.

    To do this Simply go to Rocketleague.com/activate/ and click check setup.

    1. Login with the details of your main platform

    2. This will take you to a screen that shows Epic/Steam/Xbox/PlayStation/Switch, simply click on the platforms you want to add and sign in with your details. This will link all platforms to your Epic.

    Epic Games Account Linking

    If you have a particular platform that has the most progress i.e Highest rank/level you’ll want to ensure you’ve made that your primary platform. Once again this is a straightforward process where you just click “change primary” at the bottom of the screen and then select which platform you’d like to make your primary.

    So now you have that sorted we can now start the trading!

    Cross-Platform Trading Acronyms

    Trading in Rocket League can feel like learning a new language as there are a lot of slang trading terms you will come across. Here are a few you'll need to know for cross-platform trading

    Unc = Uncommon

    NCR = Non-Crate Rare

    NCVR = Non-Crate Very Rare

    NCI = Non-Crate Import

    NCE = Non-Crate Exotic

    RP = Rocket Pass

    RLCS = Rocket League Champion Series

    What Items Can Be Traded Across Platforms?

    Just because you can access all your items on every platform doesn’t mean that all these items can be traded. In fact, the majority of items will be trade locked on the alternative platforms, so you can wear them but not trade them. So what items can be traded across platforms?

    Crate vs Non-Crate Item

    To get straight to the point only Non-crate items such as Rlcs/RP/Unc/NCR/NCVR/NCI/NCE items as well as items that come from a Golden Crate can be traded across platforms. To check this just hover over an item and it will show all the details, if it's noncrate then it will only show a small info box and will not give any crate details.

    As you can tell there are a lot of items but only a few are worth trading with to make a profit.

    Why Are My Items Tradelocked On Rocket League?

    Archived Items in Rocket League Items

    So we’ve established only non-crate items can be traded across platforms but have you ever wondered the reason for this? Why can’t crate items be transferred also?

    Well here is the answer.

    Credits in Rocket League are a representation of real money, so when you opened a crate previous to free-to-play, it would cost 1 key to open that crate, because you got an item from the crate using a representation of real money, that item now also becomes a representation of real money. It’s the same as Blueprints, you use Credits to build the Blueprint, meaning that the item costs real money.

    So why is this information relevant?

    Well, it is actually to do with Microsofts Tos stating no store of money value can leave its platform. And this is the reason Crate and blueprint items get locked on alternative platforms.

    So since non-crate items get obtained through drops after games and Golden Crates are given for free, the items are technically classed as free, hence the reason they can be moved and traded across different platforms.

    Something to note is credits bought on a platform are locked to that account, however, Credits that come from the Rocket Pass can be traded across platforms. So let's say you buy 1000 Credits and buy the Rocket Pass on Xbox, you get returned 1000 Credits through the tiers but these Credits can now be moved to PC where Credits hold a higher value.

    How To Profit From Cross-Platform Trading!

    So to find Rocket League prices I'm sure you know about Rl Insider and you probably can see that across each platform items have different prices.

    Let's take a look at the White Octane price, at the moment of writing this, the White Octane on Xbox is worth 17.5k credits whereas on pc it is worth 9k Credits. Does this mean if you buy it for 9k on pc and sell it for 17.5k you will of made 8.5k credits profit??


    The first thing you need to learn is Credits have different monetary values on each platform due to supply and demand. So at the time of writing, you can source credits on Pc for around $0.34 per 100 whereas on Xbox they are worth $0.17 meaning Pc Credits are worth double the amount than Xbox!

    So if you did that octane deal you’d actually be losing profit!

    Here is a simple formula to see if you are making a profit. Let's use the White Octane as an example.

    (White Octane Price on Pc)9,000 x 0.34 (Pc credit price) ÷ 100 = $30.60

    So $30.60 is how much the White Octane is worth on Pc now let's see what it's worth on Xbox using the same formula.

    (White Octane Price on Xbox) 17,500 x 0.17 (Xbox Credit price) ÷ 100 = $29.75

    As you can see there is a slight price difference so instead of buying on pc to sell on Xbox, you’d actually want to do the complete opposite.

    How To Find Out Credit Prices?

    If you are new to trading then you may be confused about how Credits on different platforms have different prices since when purchasing from the Rocket League store prices are the same on every platform.

    Well like I said it is supply and demand, imagine there are 1 million credits on Xbox circulating the trading market, compared to 100,000 credits on Pc.

    Which platform do you think is going to have the higher price?

    So where can you keep up to date with Credit prices especially since the prices constantly change?

    The best place to find cheap Credits is on Rocket League trading Discord servers such as Trade Central and Rocket Planet you can also find credits for sale on Reddit and Facebook. However, I would recommend Discord.

    Something to note is there will be scammers trying to take advantage of you, so always remember to use a middleman from one of these servers.

    What Are The Best Items To Buy And Sell For Cross Plat Trading?

    So obviously, RL Insider is a great tool however, sometimes it’s not always accurate and something else to remember is some items sell easier than others.

    So in this section, I will be telling you the best items to do, now obviously item prices constantly change so this may become outdated.

    But something to remember is going back to the White Octane example, where if you bought it on Xbox for 17.5k and sold it for 9k you need to find a way to get those Credits back from Pc to Xbox so you can repeat the process.

    Here is one method that would work well at the time of writing this (14/10/22)

    At the moment you can purchase a Saffron Octane for 500 Credits on Xbox and sell it for 300 credits on Pc.

    Now you have 300 Pc Credits, Great!

    Well, you can actually buy a Forest Green octane on Pc for 200 Credits and sell it on Xbox for 500.

    Just like that, you’ve made 100 Credits profit on Pc and you’ve managed to get your credits back to Xbox in order to repeat the process.

    Blueprints can also be transferred across platforms. Let’s take a look at White Reapers on Xbox where the Blueprint value is 6k Credits. And when we take a look at Pc the BP value is 4k credits! Just like that, you’d make 2k credits profit on Xbox.

    Obviously, this is easier said than done because there is a lot of time involved in finding these deals in the first process. One tip I’d recommend is to look at Rl Garage and see what people are buying and selling these items for. That way you get an extra confirmation that this method would in fact work.


    Now obviously, I can’t baby-feed you and tell you exactly what items to buy and sell since prices constantly change.

    However, I hope through this guide I’ve shown a clear process that you can use to make lots of profit for yourself through cross-platform trading!

    If you did find this helpful be sure to check out our other useful blogs and be sure to check out our Instant trade service on OPMarket!